Saturday 31 October 2015

October's Monthly Recap

Here is the recap of what's been happening here in October!

It's been pretty quiet here this month as I've been doing the last of my reading for Sex in Teen Lit Month II (which starts tomorrow, I'm so excited!), but there have been a few interesting things going on.


October's Monthly Recap


Retellings Reading Challenge 2016

I announced that I will be hosting a reading challenge next year: the Retellings Reading Challenge 2016. All retellings - classics, children's classics, fairy tales, myths and legends, folktales - are accepted, as well as prequels/sequels. Do sign up!

Sex in Teen Lit Month II

Sex in Teen Lit Month II is happening this November! I'm really excited for it to start tomorrow, and get to share all the reviews, interviews, guest posts and more. It's going to be awesome. Find out more in the post above, and do visit throughout November for all the posts.

Bookish Spinsters

I will be hosting Bookish Spinsters, a weekly link-up inspired by Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne to discuss feminism and feminist ideas. The first post on What is Feminism? went live yesterday. Please check it out and participate -  this week's link-up closes on Thursday 5th October - I'm excited to learn from you all! If you can't take part for this week's topic, do check out the Bookish Spinsters page, where you'll find a schedule for future topics.

Other posts:
How has your month been? Will you be taking part in Bookish Spinsters and/or Retellings Reading Challenge 2016 with me? Are you as excited about Sex in Teen Lit Month II as I am? What's happening on your blog next month? Let me know!


    1. Looks like you've had a pretty good month! Hopefully the next will be just as good :) also I'll be looking into participating in your Retellings Reading Challenge - sounds interesting and I love them

      Enchanted by YA:

      1. Thank you! I hope you do participate, it'll be great to have you on board! :)