Divining Stories

A photo of a red hardback book on top of a blue hardback book at an angle, the top of the red hardback pointing towards the top right corner of the photo, the top of the blue hardback point to the top left of the photo. They are on top of down-facing, pink-backed Crystal Vision tarot cards, which have been spread out to fill the whole of the photo. Over the top of the books are the black words Divining Stories in a white, transparent box.

Divining Stories

Divining Stories is my semi-regular Bookstagram feature where I talk books alongside tarot on my Bookstagram account.

It's a way of recommending books with a bit of a twist, and talking about books in a fun new way. I'll be discussing tarot cards that represent key themes in the story, tarot cards I feel represent various characters, and giving fake readings for the characters.

I'm really excited to be combining my two loves this way, and maybe teaching you about the cards by associating them with characters and stories.

In each post, you'll find:
  • The book title and author
  • A three card spread, and what the placement of the cards relates to
  • The card(s) chosen, with a brief meaning and how they link to the story
  • The name of the deck chosen for the reading
  • And, if not used in the first slide, a second slide showing the same reading, but with the Rider Waite Smith deck, which you may be more familiar with

There won't be any spoilers. The type of reading I'll give will depend on how much I can say about the book without spoiling it.

The Divining Stories readings will include one of, or a combination of, the following:
  • The Book in One Card - answering the question, "If this book was a tarot card, what would it be?"
  • Tarot Snapshot for [X character] - We all are or experience every tarot card at some point in our lives. This card will give you an idea of who the protagonist is, and where they are at this particular moment in their life/story
  • Three Card Reading - a three card fake tarot reading for the character, that allows me to discuss the book without spoiling it. These could include:
    • Past / Present / Future
    • You / Them / Relationship
    • Mind / Body / Spirit
    • Situation / Obstacle / Advice
    • Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

If you're a publicist, and you're interested in me featuring a book in Divining Stories, please see my review policy.

Divining Stories was inspired by Hot Key Books' Instagram Live with author Deirdre Sullivan and Beth of Books Nest discussing Precious Catastrophe, and the segment where Deirdre asked Beth for book recommendations based on various tarot cards.

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