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Bloggers Get Real was created in May 2019, as - only five months into the year - there had already been so many controversies within the YA community, some of which directly affecting and about book bloggers. Inspired by CW of The Quiet Pond's The Pond Gets Loud series, Bloggers Get Real is a YA book bloggers spotlight interview series with the aim of celebrating and supporting YA book bloggers and the work we do, while also discussing the realities of book blogging, the YA community, and the various controversies that have sprung up. I feel it's important to keep these conversations going - our voices matter, what we do matters, and we should be heard.

Some of the questions asked in the interview were inspired by the following posts by YA book bloggers:

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Aly of Of Wonderland Beth of BooksNest

Mel of Book Reviws from Canada Madi of TheBookNerdDiaries

If any YA book bloggers would like to take part, please email me!


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