Tuesday 24 December 2019

Things I Love About Christmas

Four presents wrapped in brown paper with red and white ribbon string around them, in front of a teal background, surrounded by sprigs of pine, baubles, and cinnamon sticks.

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Things I Love About Christmas

One day to go! Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas Day! I am so excited! As you've probably worked out, Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so for my seventh Christmas post of the month, I wanted to talk about the different aspects of Christmas that I love - things that are outside of the day itself.

Giving Presents

This is absolutely my most favourite thing about Christmas. I adore buying presents for other people. I absolutely relish in taking the time and effort, trying to find the perfect gift. I don't like buying gifts that are too easy or too obvious - like perfume or what I call smellies (toiletries) for women (not that I'm able to buy them, anyway). I genuinely enjoy browsing online and in store, thinking about each individual person and what they might like. I like it so much, I pretty much organise the Secret Santa on my floor at work, and I signed up this year for The Broke and The Bookish's Secret Santa (hosted by Jana on her own at The Artsy Reader Girl this year), and really went overboard. And Father Christmas leaves a bag full of gifts for my mum, dad, and brother. I am really, really looking forward to opening all my presents - from friends and family, and from both Secret Santas - but I think I love giving other people presents even more.

Christmas Songs

I am one of those  people who feel it's never too early for Christmas songs. I love them! Every year, it's like I seem to forget a lot of them exist, so when they come back on again, there's so much joy in remembering these songs and how good they are! My ultimate favourite is I Wish It Could be Christmas Every Day by Wizzard, but I love so many! There's all versions of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home), Santa Baby by Kylie Minogue, Last Christmas by Wham, All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey, One More Sleep by Leona Lewis, Baby, It's Cold Outside by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson (I am SO glad I can actually enjoy this catchy song now it's full of consent!) - so many! I just love them! And I love that Magic Radio is 100% Christmas throughout December. Christmas songs all day, every day! I love it!

Christmas Adverts

This is slightly smaller love, but it's almost the only time I watch adverts. Because I work shifts, most of the shows I watch are recorded, so I end up fast forwarding through any adverts, but new Christmas adverts absolutely need to be watched. And generally I quite like them, even those others tend to groan at. I love the new McDonald's one! The John Lewis advert did make me a little teary, I have to say. But it is absolutely not Christmas until I've seen Coca Cola's Holidays are Coming advert! I have always loved that advert, ever since I was a child. I think it's to do with the snow, the lights, and that image of Father Christmas on the lorry. He just looks exactly like I'd picture Father Christmas. Yes, there are so many images of Father Christmas, but that particular one fills me with so much wonder, and the excitement and magic of Christmas - even now as an adult!

Christmas Attire

I already have a whole post on Christmas jumpers. I really resent that Christmas jumpers are for some reason called ugly? Sure, some of them aren't the best, but most of them are amazing! I really love them! Ever since they started becoming more of a thing a few years back, I've bought one every year. I love them! And Christmas T-shirts! And socks! I have so many Christmas socks - more than normal socks, so I wear them year round. They make me smile throughout the year I wear a silver sequined Father Christmas hat on Christmas day. And Christmas earrings! I love them! Unfortunately, I can't really wear costume jewellery, my ears react badly to them, but for my last day at work before Christmas, I'll wear my Christmas bauble earrings.

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So those are my favourite things! What are yours? Do you like any of the same things? Let me know in the comments!

And Merry Christmas to everyone reading who celebrates! I hope you have a wonderful time!

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