Friday 27 December 2019

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Cross Stitched Christmas Cards

A photo of lots of DMC floss spread around the outside of the photo, in rainbow colour order, with the space in the middle in the shape of a heart.

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash.

Cross Stitched Christmas Cards

As I've mentioned on the blog before, I am kind of creative. I get really into the idea of creating things and being arty, I've tried so many things - drawing, jewellery making, card making (paper craft), painting, happy mail... But I've found that while I get excited at the idea of creating something and being arty, if it takes too long, I lose interest and motivation. If I can't see myself making progress fairly quickly, if I can see it's going to take me several days, if not weeks, to complete - or it I'm not very good, and so it's going to take a while to make what I'm doing look the way I want to - I give up.

This is probably why I've been blogging for over ten years. While a blog is quite a big undertaking, if you think of it as lots of blog posts, where a single blog post can take, generally, just a few hours to write a format, I am able to complete a "project" in a day. And write a new one another day. And so on. It's a few hours of my time to start and complete a blog post, so writing is my major creative outlet. But I've also recently got back into cross stitch.

My mum has cross stitched on and off for as long as I can remember, but because of some classes and workshops she's been going to recently she's got right back into it. And seeing her sew, and her finished pieces, really made me want to dive back in. I'd only completed one things before, a birth sampler when my best mate had his first baby, but that was because it was a gift and for someone else, so I kept at it for weeks, even though I got really frustrated with my slow progress. This time round, knowing what I know about how I work creatively, I've cross stitched little Christmas cards that, given enough hours in a day, could be completed in a day, but generally took me at most three days to complete. Small, little things that are cute, where I can see myself progress in a matter of hours, and can complete fairly quickly and move on to the next. I've been sewing Mouseloft Stitchlets, which are perfect for me! Here are the cards I sewed for this Christmas.

Father Christmas Stitchlet

Merry Christmoose Stitchlet

Snowman Stitchlet

Postbox and Robin Stitchlet

Christmas Tree Stitchlet

Not all the stitchlets came with cards, hence two in aperture cards, while the others are mounted onto cards. The Father Christmas stitchlet didn't actually come with an aperture card, but I took the card from another one as I had to get the cards put together quickly and posted, whereas the actual cards with the others are from my mum's stash, and I didn't know where she kept them. It's meant to look like snowflakes are falling on the Snowman card, but I think I went a bit overboard, which is why the last two cards only have the message stickers, but I now think they look a little bare? Again, the stickers are from mum's stash, hence none on the first two cards. On the Christmas Tree card, I was meant to be back stitch (line stitches, like the black for the outlines on all cards) over the gold and red crosses with two strands, but I didn't think it looked great in the picture, so I left it out. I think my favourite is the Father Christmas, but I really like them all! I think they're so cute!

But my mum is actually amazing. She has the patience for slightly larger card projects, and she's really creative in putting her cards together! Below are most of the cards she made this year, photo used with her permission.

The photo shows cross stitched cards made by my mum. In a clockwise direction from top left, we have a robin card, with removable tree decoration, a snowglobe card, a Noel card with removable tree decoration, a card reading Merry Christmas in large letters with a small Christmas tree, a card with a kitten in a stocking, a nordic style card with a burgandy reindeer, snowflake, and wind swirls with beads, and in the centre, a stocking card.
Click to enlarge.

The Robin and the Noel she actually made into removable tree decorations. And there's fancy borders on some, and flashy cards for others! I think they're gorgeous! She is so good at cross stitch, and is so creative when it comes to putting them together! I love them!

Over to you graphic

Do you cross stitch? Or have any other creative hobbies? Did you do anything creative over the Christmas period for gifts or cards? What do you think of my cards? And what about my mum's? Let me know in the comments!

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