Friday 12 July 2019

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My Nominations for the Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards

The Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards

My Nominations for the Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards

May over on Forever and Everly is hosting the Third Annual 2019 Book Blogger Awards, originally created by Joce of Write Through the Night. I didn't know about the awards the previous two years, but it's such a fantastic idea, and I can't not nominate my faves!

Fortunately we're allowed three nominations per category, otherwise I'd be in big trouble with some categories, trying to choose just one. There are a number of categories I've not nominated in simply because I just couldn't choose just three. There are a few who I just adore, and I can't not nominate at least a couple of times for different categories. So here are my nominations!


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Book Blogger (13-19)

Vicky of Vicky Who Reads - Vicky is just a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she extremely passionate, but she knows her stuff, and isn't afraid to call out those of us who screw up. She creates such interesting discussions on her blog, and she opens my eyes to things I hadn't thought about. She also educating. She's just bloody brilliant, really.

Best Adult Book Blogger (20+)

Cait of Paper Fury - I absolutely love Cait's blog. All of her posts are funny, but also informative and at times educational. Cait's blog just never fails to cheer me up and make me smile, and I pretty much just adore everything she does. We have very similar tastes in books, so I always feel I can trust her opinions. I've bought many books because of Cait.

CW of The Quiet Pond - The Quiet Pond is incredible! It's so unique in that CW has created her own little fantasy world, and it's the characters in it who are "behind" the reviews and discussions and rec posts, and she illustrates all the images that go with her posts. Each post starts off like a story, and her blog just feels so warm and welcoming. The Quiet Pond is the blog version of having a nice cup of warm tea under a blanket. The Quiet Pond definitely makes you feel at home. But The Quiet Pond isn't necessarily a "fluffy" blog, either. CW is so smart, and this comes through in all the posts she writes, and I always learn something or look at things from a different perspective when reading her reviews.

Shri of Sun and Chai - I discovered Shri's blog only a few months back, but oh my god, is it incredible! She focuses mainly on diverse SFF, and her reviews are long and detailed, and again, Shri is another review who I learn so much from. I absolutely adore her blog.


Best Book Recommendations

Dahlia of LGBTQ Reads - Mate, every time I ask for recommendations, no matter what kind of YA book I'm asking for, Dahlia always, always adds several to my TBR. She pretty much never misses my "I need recs" tweets, and pretty much all her recs are diverse; mostly LGBTQ*, obviously, but also in other ways, and she is just incredible.

Best Discussion Posts

Shri of Sun and Chai - Shri is not afraid to have difficult discussions and make people face problematic tropes, books, or authors. Her discussions really make me think, or open my eyes. I love them. Basically, if Shri has something to say, we all need to listen.


Most Engaged in the Community

CW of The Quiet Pond - Most definitely CW. There are several people I could pick for this, but I'm picking CW specifically for her The Pond Gets Loud series, which looks at specific aspects that are "behind the scenes" for bloggers, gets us talking about the realities of blogging, and just getting everyone to realise just how much hard work blogging is. Her series is incredible, gives a voice to so many bloggers, big and small, and she is just so supportive. She's brilliant.

Best Social Media Influencer

Cait of Paper Fury - Cait is pretty much everywhere, and always posting such brilliant content. I think everyone knows who she is, she's just that brilliant on social media.

Vicky of Vicky Who Reads - Vicky's threads on Twitter about difficult and/or controversial topics are just incredible, and on top of that, she is always raving about her favourite reads on Twitter. To be fair, a lot of the books I end up adding on Goodreads are down to her tweets.

Fadwa of Word Wonders - Fadwa is another blogger who equally raves about the books she adores, but also calls out problematic books and authors on Twitter. I'm pretty sure she has no idea who I am, because she's just so awesome I kind of in awe and so just stay silent and lurk/RT. But she is brilliant.

Friendliest Member of the Community

Zulfa of Lovely Owl Books, Aly of Of Wonderland and Amy of Bookish Heights. While I've been on Twitter for ages, it's only in the last year or so I've been more engaged with the community on Twitter - but when it came to the UKYA Blogger Awards, and I realised I didn't actually follow very many UKYA bloggers, and I asked people to rec bloggers to me, and got myself a list of UK bloggers on Twitter who I really like to engage with. Since doing this, I've started becoming a lot more engaged with the community, these three have been so super friendly and have engaged with me back so often, that I don't even really think about replying to their tweets. They're just so lovely and funny, and I love chatting to them on Twitter.

Best at Promoting Diverse Books

Nad of Headscarves and Hardbacks - Nad is the blogger behind the #RamadanReadathon, an annual readathon that takes place during the month of Ramadan to support more Muslim authors, and also one of the bloggers behind The Muslim Shelf. I have added so many more Muslim authors to my TBR because of her, and my god, the incredible stories I have read!

Shri of Sun and Chai - I said pretty much everything above, but I love Shri's blog for her fantastic diverse SFF reviews! As high fantasy is where my reading roots are, I'm always keen for her thoughts on what she's read recently.

Dahlia of LGBTQ Reads - Dahlia is just a machine when it comes to promoting diverse books, especially LGBTQ* books, but all other diverse books, too - and not just YA, either. Dahlia is just the queen of promoting diverse books.

I'm just going to stop now, because it's getting harder and harder to choose, and I think I've failed about mentioning as many blogs as possible, but my faves are my faves I can't help it!

Over to you graphic

Who have you nominated for in these awards? Have you nominated any of the same bloggers as me? Will you check out any of these bloggers now? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you so much for submitting nominations and participating in the awards, Jo!! I spot a lot of favorites on this list, and I'm definitely checking out some of the bloggers you mentioned that I don't follow. ๐Ÿ’–

    1. No problem! I hope you love the blogs of the new-to-you blogs you visit! :)

  2. omg I am so honoured right now, Jo ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’›thank you!! *all the warm fuzzy feels*

    1. You're welcome! Paper Fury has been one of my favourite blogs for years now. You're both amazing!