Tuesday 1 August 2017

Retellings Reading Challenge 2017: August Link-Up

Retellings Reading Challenge 2016

Welcome to the Retellings Reading Challenge 2017 link-up for August! You can link up your reviews at the bottom of this post.

There haven't been any entries in the giveaways for several months now, so, after some thought, I have decided to no longer run giveaways as part of this challenge. I have heard from publishers who have books put aside for the giveaway, wondering what was happening. So I think it's only fair to discontinue the giveaways.

The challenge itself is still happening, so please post the links to your reviews from August in the link-up below. But before you do...
  • You must sign up for the challenge before you post links to your reviews. Links from people who haven't signed up will be deleted. Sign up for the challenge here.
  • Make sure your links go directly to your reviews, not to your blog/Goodreads page/youtube channel/insta account, etc. Those of the latter will be deleted.
  • To count, books must be read and reviewed in August or finished reading at the very end of July (30th/31st), reviewed at the very beginning of August (1st/2nd).
  • When you link to your reviews, in the "Name" field, please include the title of the book, the author, and your blog name. For example: Wicked by Gregory Maguire @ Once Upon a Bookcase.
  • When sharing your reviews on social media, don't forget to use the #RetellingsRC2017 hashtag, so we can all find your reviews.

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