Wednesday 21 January 2015


Discussion: Why the UKYA Blogging Community is So Awesome

UKYA Blogger AwardsOn Sunday, when showcasing last week's First Class Post, I mentioned how I was longlisted for the UKYA Blogger Awards, and just how incredible this is. I am over the moon.

There are 33 UKYA bloggers nominated for awards, but there are so many more of us, and you know what? We're pretty amazing. Yes, I will blow our own trumpet.

This March will mark my sixth year of book blogging, and over the past six years, I have met some wonderful bloggers, in person and online. People who truly put an awful amount of work into what is, really, "just" a hobby. People who post everyday. People who are exceptionally organised, and schedule posts weeks in advance. People who have awesome features on their blogs, sharing their experiences, sharing their creative talent, or a platform to look at books in an entirely different way. And that's not to mention people who write these fantastic reviews, the hundreds and hundreds of reviews posted each and every month.

And there are those of us who are passionate about certain niches of YA. Those who promote UKYA, or LGBTQ YA, or diverse books in general. Those who tend to stick to contemporary, those who are all about fantasy. People who want to make sure the right book gets into the right hands.

Why? Because we love it. We love reading, we love blogging, and we're passionate about YA. Get a bunch of UKYA bloggers together, and we'll never get bored; talking for hours, sharing thoughts, sharing recommendations, sharing enthusiasm.

I'm really proud to count myself part of this wonderful community. A community of smart, hardworking, and creative people who just want their love of reading to spread like wildfire. I am exceptionally lucky to count myself one of the 33 bloggers to have made it to the UKYA Blogger Awards longlist, but in my opinion, every single one of us deserves an award - for the tireless effort we put in to creating a wonderful environment for fellow readers to discover the next book they'll fall in love with.

Damn right we UKYA bloggers are pretty amazing - and the existence of these awards just proves it.

What is it you love so much about the UKYA blogging community? Let's celebrate our awesomeness! Any why not head on over to A Daydreamer's Thoughts to take part in the UKYA Book Blogger Awards, voted for by fellow bloggers.

**This blog post was inspired by Sister Spooky's post Love Is All Around... for Bloggers**