Tuesday 7 February 2012

Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth - Starts Tonight!

Many of you will know how passionate I am about discussing things that are serious issues for teens from my themes month/week events, so I'm sure you'll understand the reason for this post, and forgive the fact that it's not at all book related.

I was watching Loose Women and discovered that Gok Wan is starting a new series tonight called Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth (8pm, Channel 4) about teens and their self-awareness. This is not a fashion show, or has anything to do with fashion. It is simply about teens, how they see themselves, and the problems that arise from their skewed perspectives. This series starts tonight, so obviously I haven't seen it before, but from what Gok said on Loose Women, this is going to be a really important series, one I think teens and adults - especially parents - should watch. I think it will be a bit of an eye-opener and help people - whoever's watching, including the teens - understand things better.

Here's the info about the first episode from Channel 4:

In this first episode Gok meets teens who suffer from body dysmorphia. He explores the unobtainable images of perfection so many teens strive for through the eyes of an internet-obsessed 15-year-old girl.

The shows also features a teenage boy for whom size really does matter. And Gok meets a girl whose body-loathing has led to anorexia.

Throughout the series Gok talks to celebrities, including Fearne Cotton, Matt Horne and Duncan James, about their own experiences of the teenage years.

I really think this isn't a programme to be missed. Watch or record. Tonight, 8pm, Channel 4.


  1. Wow, thanks for making a post about this; I'm definitely going to watch it :)

  2. No problem! I thought it was too important not to share :)