Friday 10 September 2010

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News: Third Book To Be Released in Hush, Hush Series!

I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Becca Fitzpatrick has announced there will be a third book in the Hush, Hush series!

Becca has finally been given permission to let the world know about Tempest, as book three is called.

"This past summer, I had a long chat with my agent, and told her I'd written up a daring proposal for a third book in the series, and wanted her to submit it to my editor," Becca said on her blog. "I was just as nervous during this submission as I was with HUSH, HUSH, waiting for her answer and fearing she'd hate the proposal...but...she was crazy about it. And so in August, I began writing TEMPEST, the third installment in the HUSH, HUSH series."

She added it's all the things she loves, "Twisty-turny, full of suspense, a little creepy, and most of all, there are some pretty electric scenes between Patch and Nora."

Read Becca's full blog post here. Can someone squeal with me?


  1. Hahaha, thank you Sophie! :D It is a fantastic title, such a teaser! Oooh, I'm excited to see what kind of storm Patch and Nora find themselves in next. Actiony? Emotional? Ooooh!

  2. I know! I am sooo excited! :D

  3. I haven't read the second book yet, but if I like it as much as the first then I'm joining in squealing ;)

  4. Oooh, I loved Crescendo! Look out for my review, it will be coming soon! :) And I'm sooo excited for Tempest! :D