Thursday 8 April 2010

Character Connection: Jasper Hale

Ok, I have seen this making the rounds, and thought it was about time I had a go.

character connectionCharacter Connection is a weekly meme run by Jen of The Introverted Reader, where we spotlight the characters we love.

This week, it's Jasper Hale from the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer.

Dear Jasper,

I have this problem. While other girls swoon over Edward or Jake, and argue over which is better, my mind always seems to end up on you. Don't get me wrong, Edward and Jake are pretty awesome, but you're the enigma. Seriously, who are you?

Sure, you're a vampire. You're the vampire who has problems with the Cullen's lifestyle, so you're the most dangerous. You're also the guy who got turned during the Civil War, and knows quite a bit about fighting other vampires. Also, you're Alice's husband. You're the one who has the ability to manipulate people's emotions (that is seriously cool, by way. Do you realise how much power you have? More of that later.) What else?

Twilight by Stephenie MeyerWhat else do I know, let's see. You went to study Philosophy at college, and you have a study in the Cullen house, so you like to learn and read, which is cool. But what else? What do you like to read? What music do you listen to? What do you do for fun (don't say Alice)? Did Edward ever give you that motorbike? I know bits and pieces about your family, but you're just a mystery, and I want to know! There's nothing like a mystery to keep a girl wondering, and I've been trying to figure you out for a damn long time. I'm not really getting anywhere.

I suggest we meet up for coffee and have a chat. It's not like you'd be cheating on Alice or anything, it's just coffee (I know neither of us like coffee, but we can ignore that). You're just a jigsaw puzzle with pieces missing, and it's driving me mental.

So yeah, how's about it? Would flattery sway you? Because I could go on forever about how awesome your ability is. I mean seriously, you can make people feel just about anything you like. If you wanted someone to feel sad, how sad could you make them? How about depressed? How badly could you make someone feel? That is seriously scary! Yet strangely awesome, all that power. I'm kind of in awe. There's more, but I rather talk to you about it to your face. So can we go for coffee please?

Just one request; please don't eat me.


P.S. By the way, that Jackson Rathbone who plays you in the movie, seriously beautiful. If there's any chance you look anything like him, it's probably a bad idea that we meet. I doubt I'd be about to form words, let alone ask any questions. And you'd probably get freaked out by my stare.


  1. LOL That was fun! It is really great to see another UK peep taking part in this meme. I never realised you were a Jasper fan girl. Your secret is officially out. Great looooove letter.

  2. LOL! My favourite part ... "What do you do for fun (don't say Alice)?

  3. Becky - Haha, thank you! I'm really a Jackson Rathbone fan girl, but that equates to Jasper. But it's true, I have spent ages trying to think of what he might be into. It's rather sad, lol.

    Bella - Lol, I thought that was pretty funny myself. I had more to say with similar humour on his ability, but I weren't sure who would be reading, so thought I should leave it out :)

  4. I really felt for Jasper in the saga (he exemplifies a real veggie vampire), but I fell for Jackson Rathbone more! That smile! :))

  5. Omg, don't get me started on Jackson Rathbone. The smile is awesome, but those eyes! God, those eyes! He is far too beautiful for words. He's like a work of art. And I sound a little mad now, so I will shh now.

  6. I loved that fan letter! There's is something about Jasper that's very endearing. Maybe because he's the quite type, who is way cool but greatly misunderstood.

  7. I haven't watched the movies, but a Google search did reveal a killer smile! ;)

    I love your letter! I snorted at the Alice line. Great!

    Thanks for posting! I hope you enjoyed the meme!

  8. Whitney - Thank you! I know! I love him & his mystery! He's just great!

    Jennifer - Oh, Jackson Rathbone is just beautiful! Cheers! I thought the Alice line might make a few people laugh :) And no problem! I love this meme! I'm just going to have to try and think of some other characters to write about.

  9. I am just now finding out about this MEME? I love it! Not certain I could pull it off quite as well as this, but great idea! Oh, and yes, your letter is so dead on (no pun intended). Jasper was quite mysterious....even though we learn a bit more about him in the final book. Perhaps all will be revealed in THE TWILIGHT SAGA book Stephenie Meyer's is working to finish....suppose to tell more about the story, characters, time lines....etc. ^_^

  10. I am SO looking forward to that book, I can't wait! But thank you, I'm glad you liked the letter! :) Oh you can try something, I'm sure you'll be great at it! :)