Sunday 20 September 2009

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Review: Pride by Rachel Vincent

pride by rachel vincentPride by Rachel Vincent - WARNING! I can't review Pride without spoiling the first two books in the series. If you plan on reading Stray and Rogue, don't read any further!

After killing Andrew, her previously human then infected ex-boyfriend in self-defence, Faythe goes on trial for infecting a human and murder infront of the werecat's territorial couil tribunal in Montana. Calvin Malone, an Alpha for anothe pride is one of the judges, and plans on making Faythe's life hell - what she has left of it. Malone wants to go for the death penalty. The only way Faythe can save her fur is y prooving she's needed by the council. When the werecats get a visit rom a bruin - a werebear - who complains about some strays that are making an annoyance of themselves near his territory, and a very young abby shows upwith assumed memory loss, the pride and Faythe will have their paws full.

Rachel Vinent does it again! Another fantastic book- one that shows Faythe in yet another light. I can't tell you how much I love these books!

Faythe really shines in this book when it comes to helping the young tabby. We're used to strong Faythe, rebellious Faythe, loyal Faythe, but in Pride, we also get who I consider to be maternal Faythe, and sh's just awesome.

Te storyline in this book is jus brilliant, especially concerning the young tabby. You can't help but make various assumptions about her, ut Rachel pulls a new twist out the bag and you will be completely blown away by what is actually going on.

Again, not a hge amount of action in this book, as the focus is n Faythe's trial, and the tabby, but when there is action, you really are sitting on the edge of your seat; Rachel really knows how to get the adrealine pumping!

Theres a not a huge amount more I can say without spoiling the book - which is a testament to how brilliantly Rachel plots out her books and makes every detail count. For the Jace fans, there's a lot more of him in Pride than in Rogue, but there's also a lot of Marc too, for his fan. Not all of the characters we know make an appearance in this novel, as it is not set on the Lazy S ranch, but most get a mention.

Overall, a brilliant book all Shifter's fans will love!

Published: 1st February 2009
Publisher: Mira
Rachel Vincent's website

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