Saturday 8 August 2009

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I Won Lisa Shearin's "Name That Book" Contest!

I am SO UNBELIEVABLY STOKED I can't say! I have the biggest grin on my face, and I'm just buzzing! Ok, ok, I'll explain...

You all know how I love Lisa Shearin's novels (Magic Lost, Trouble Found, Armed & Magical, and The Trouble with Demons), right? And how Lisa is one of my favourite authors? Well, she held this super contest where fans of the series got to suggest names for her fifth novel which she has been writing a synopsis for, for the last month (the fourth novel has already been finished and has a name; Bewicthed & Betrayed, and it will come out in April 2010). The prize being the book would have that title (as long as the editor, I believe, doesn't say it needs to change), and the winner's name mentioned in the Acknowledgements page.

Lisa gave a few hints on what the book may include, to help us think of names. What she said was:

Okay, in Book 5 will be spies, con men, political intrigue, assassins, and plotting, scheming, and scams galore. This gives you an idea of the direction I'm going.
Lisa also said:

Anne (my editor) prefers to keep the titles in the same number of words, related in words, or tone. So we have Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Armed & Magical. The Trouble with Demons. Bewitched & Betrayed. You see the pattern. Try to keep your entries in the pattern -- either using the word "Magic" or "Trouble" or two words separated by "&" -- you get the picture. But if you come up with something outside of the pattern, send it.
So I sent in various names I came up with using the handy theasaurus, and guess what? I only bloody won! I AM SO EXCITED! So as long as Lisa's editor doesn't change it, the fifth book will be called Con & Conjure, and my name will be in every copy of the book! So awesome!

Now this is where I get over-excited, and take things a little far: I will be immortalised forever in a book! Years after I'm dead, the book will still be about, and my name will still be in it. People may not notice it, but it will still be there. My claim to fame - I named Lisa Shearin's fifth book.

Ok, calm now. Not bad, eh? Pretty awesome, methinks! :D


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