Thursday 6 December 2012

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Book Blogger Needs YOU - Sophie's Blog Ink Video Blog Tour

I am a book blogger's blogger, by which I mean I am a huge fan of the people behind the various blogs I read as well as the blogs themselves. One of those such bloggers is Sophie of So Many Books, So Little Time, which is why I had no hesitation in agreeing to help her out with her own video blog tour.

Sophie has been exceptionally lucky in being picked as one of the Top Ten entrants in Mira Ink's Blog Ink competition - a competition for a blogger to win a year's paid contract with Mira Ink as their blogger in residence! Making it through to the Top Ten, Sophie has got through the first round, but now it's round two! Round two works two-fold; Sophie has had to record a 60 second video explaining why she should be Mira Ink's blogger, and also run an online campaign to show she is social media savvy to get as many views and comments on her video as possible. So for her campaign she is hosting a blog tour with her video and a giveaway, and today is my stop.

I have met Sophie a few times now, and not only does Sophie run a fantastic blog and write brilliant reviews, she's also a lovely lady. She's hugely passionate and enthusiastic about the books she reads, and she knows her stuff. Sophie deserves to win this competition. So now, on behalf of Sophie, I'm asking you a huge favour. Please watch the video above, comment on this post, go to the video's YouTube page and comment on it there, and please share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else. Every single RT (so you can retweet my own tweet - easy, see!), comment, view and share - on all platforms - help!

Sophie has also said that for every 100 views the video has, she'll be giving away a book to a commenter who has commented anywhere; on the video on YouTube, on her blog, or any of the other blogs taking part in the blog tour. So get to it! Let's make Sophie's video viral!

Be sure to visit Painting with Words tomorrow for the next stop!


  1. Go Sophie! I'm going to know your video by heart soon I've watched it so many times LOL.

  2. Good luck, Sophie! It's so exciting seeing so many of our own bloggers in this comp! ♥