Wednesday 1 December 2010


News: The Atomics!

News from Atom:

Do you know any teens between the ages of 12 and 18? Are they fans of romantic vampire books, boy-sy zombie adventures or just interested in reading the next big thing before anyone else?

Well, why don’t you tell them about:

the atomics

Atom, the young adult fiction imprint of Little, Brown, is delighted to announce the
creation of The Atomics – a brand new young reviewers programme for readers aged twelve to eighteen.

Atom has been busy expanding their list to include a wide-range of young adult titles, including mystery, adventure and humour alongside their more well-known paranormal series. And now they want to share it with everyone else!

Anyone who joins The Atomics will get the chance to receive pre-publication copies of new titles to review. The reviewers for each month will have their reviews
posted in a new, dedicated section of the Atom website where they can be seen and commented on by anyone else who is interested in Atom’s books.

Atom is committed to making sure that every Atomic will get the opportunity to
review a title they like the sound of, but hope that many more people will join in the conversation!

The intention of The Atomics is to provide a safe, dedicated space for under-eighteens to discuss books and hone their review skills, as well as giving our fans the chance to read books before they’re published!

Read more and sign up at


  1. I think I'll post about this on a forum or two - it sounds like a great opportunity for under-18s.

  2. It does! My cousin signed up fir it, I'm sure she's going to love it! :)