Sunday 18 July 2010

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Discussion: From Human to Unattainable

This post isn't book related, but I feel it's important to cover. There is a video I would like to share with you, but unfortunately, embedding has been disallowed. So I'm going to send you over to have a look at it, just click here. It was made for a Dove campaign, Dove Real Beauty Workshop for Girls, and have all sorts of cool things happening on the website. It's a few years old, but check the site out. Continue reading after you've seen the video. Don't worry, I'll wait...

Here again? Good. Makes you think, huh? Now, I'm in no way saying that the model is ugly at all, but she looks completely different before the big make over and the photoshoping. They take a normal, perfectly good looking woman, and make her look completely different, then put that image out for everyone to see. How many images like this do we see every single day? Online, in magazines, on the TV? It's absolutely ridiculous that we are made to feel that we should looklike these people, when they look nothing like it themselves!

What do you think. Bit of an eye-opener, huh?


  1. I've seen stills of this video when we covered brush ups in Photography class last year. What they were using there was way more advanced, but whatever. Not the point.

    This is why most teen girls have such low self esteems. And how can you blame them when you're comparing them to something that isn't even real? Way to go, Society. Just degrade us further by promoting things like that--and it's shameful because it happens every single flipping day.

    Awesome question. Makes me wonder if we can ever beat something like this. To me, it only reinforces my compulsion to stick it to Uncle Sam and be myself. If they don't like it, tough.

    Whoa! Should be careful with questions like this, too, cause it has the potential to really heat people up. XD


  2. I showed this to my daughter when she was doing her 8th grade project on Body Image in the Media and it was a REAL eye opener for her. I don't know if we can ever stop the media from doing this, but what we can do is educate ourselves and our daughters so that they view the images they see every day with more skepticism. For example, I was reading a Vanity Fair article about Angelina Jolie recently and in the photo shoot she was wearing these leather hot pants and had impossibly long skinny legs. Now I now Angelina has a lovely figure but...she's in her thirties and I'm betting there was some Photoshop involved. So instead of beating myself up about why I don't look like that, I just figured, "hey, if I had a Photoshop makeover, I wouldn't have cellulite either!"

  3. Amelia - I absolutely love your responce! I am so with you! :) And I'm so glad you're just being yourself, it's the best way to be! Thanks for such a great comment!

    Sarah - Firstly, thank you so much for commenting, I really appreciate it! :)
    I totally agree that everyone need to educate themselves and their daughters. It's just far too important that we realise what we're actually seeing.
    And that is such a fantastic way of looking at things, RE Angelina Jolie article! I'm going to try and do that from now on too! Thank you for the tip! :)