Sunday 14 June 2009

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SiTL Month Updates

I thought putting all updates in one post would be neater. You may want to check back a few times to see if there are any other updates as the days go on.

Update - 4th June - Serena Robar:

Serena Robar, author of up-coming YA novel Giving Up the V, has passed my details on to her publicist to send me a copy of her book, and has agreed to be interviewed for Sex in Teen Lit Month! Fantastic news, in my opinion!

Really, the list of books will stop now. I'm really not the fastest reader in the world, and I wouldn't want this going over a month.

Update - 10th June - SiTL Month will be held in July, and getting hold of the books:

Just to let you know, I've got everything sorted, so now SiTL Month will be held in July.

I already have a few posts written for the month, one including my review for Extreme Kisses by Luisa Plaja, which was awesome, and I'm off to the library today to get some of the books I need to read. The rest I'm waiting to be delivered.

Just a question. If you're planning on reading along - though you don't have to! - would you mind letting me know, just so I know roughly how many people are thinking of doing so. Thanks!

If any American or Canadian people wish to read along, you might have a bit of trouble getting hold of the books, as most tend to be buy UK authors. If you find this to be the case, you may wish to try using The Book Depository to buy the books, as it's an online UK bookstore, and it has freeshipping worldwide. It might be the best way to get hold of the books - and it tends to be cheaper than Amazon UK, I've found.

Update - 11th June - Will be interviewing Joanna Kenrick:

The wonderful Luisa has been her usual super self, and in response to my previous post asking if there are any other authors who wish to contribute, mentioned SiTL Month to the Scattered Authors Society and asked if anyone was interested - and if they were, to email me. Thank you Luisa, you are a star!

A few people have emailed be about contributing, one of whom is Joanna Kenrick, author of Screwed, who has agreed to be interviewed for the Month! This month just keeps getting better and better, and it hasn't even started yet!

Just to recap, I'll now be interviewing Luisa Plaja, Tanya Lee Stone, Sara Hantz, Serena Robar, and Joanna Kenrick.

This is going to be one hell of a month!

Update - 12th June - Will be interviewing Melvin Burgess:

Yep, I got in contact with Melvin Burgess, author of Doing It, yesterday about a possible interview, and he has agreed!

This is just seriously amazing. This Month is going to turn out so much better than I first thought. I only though I'd be reviewing a few books, maybe a few disussion posts, and hoping people go involved. It's got so much bigger! It's so exciting!

Update - 14th June - Tanya Lee Stone will answer questions:

Author Tanya Lee Stone has agreed to pop on over a few times a day when her interview goes live - which looks to be on 1st July - to answer any questions you guys may have.

If you've read A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl , and have any questions, make a note of them somewhere so she can answer them for you!

Thank you, Tanya!

Update - 17th June - Laura Ruby has agreed to be interviewed:

Laura Ruby, author of Good Girls, has agreed to be interviewed! This is just awesome news!

But if that wasn't enough, both Sara Hantz and Joanna Kenrick have agreed to pop over on the days their interviews go live to answer any more questions you guys might have! This is all depending on when the interviews go live; I don't know when that will be yet, as I want to get a few more posts typed up before I start setting out a time table, and so they can't say for definite, but it's a possibility!

All good news, eh? :)

Update - 19th June - Mary Hooper has agreed to be interviewed:

Mary Hooper, author of the Megan Series, has agreed to be interview, which is just fantastic!

The Megan novels focus on teenage pregnancy, so it will be awesome to read about. I'm really looking forward to reading them!

Update - 28th June - Not reading the whole Megan series:

I got back from childminding my cousin for a week yesterday, and didn't get much reading done while I was there. As July is fast approaching, and I still have a few books to get through, I'll be reading only the first Megan book in the trilogy by Mary Hooper.

I'm quite upset at having to do this, as I wanted to read them all - and will eventually - but I have other books to read, posts to write (reviews, interviews, so on), etc, I'm not sure I would get it all done. To take off some of the pressure, I'm sticking to just the first book. I'm trying to get through the rest of the books quickly and get the posts sorted so I can enjoy the month with you all rather than trying to finish off and rushing, and not enjoying it as much.

Sorry to let you down.


  1. Hi Jo! I won't be reading along with you with the books, but plan to follow this blog and read the reviews, interviews and discussions going on. Very interesting so far.

  2. That's awesome! :) Thank you!

  3. I can't wait for July :D
    It sounds so good already!

  4. It does! I'm so looking forward to it! :D

  5. I've just read your update about Laura Ruby, and about the others answering questions on the day! Wow, this is just all so amazing. Thank you for organising it - I really can't wait!

  6. It is going to be so cool, it just keeps getting better! :D

  7. Oh, wow! I love Mary Hooper's books. This is fantastic news!

  8. It is! I am SO excited. Seriously, this Month is getting better, and if it wasn't for you and all your help, it probably would never have happened. Thank you!

  9. In my opinion, just reading the first in the Megan series is fine. It's definitely representative of the series as a whole. Don't worry, Jo, you're doing brilliantly, and you're really not letting anyone down! Thank you again for running this great event!

  10. Ohh, that's good to know! :) Thanks. I finished off Slam today, and just finished Sugar Rush, so I'm back on track I suppose :)