Tuesday 12 May 2009

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Review: In Quest of Theta Magic by Enid Wilson

In Quest of Theta Magic by Enid WilsonIn Quest of Theta Magic by Enid Wilson - When Dean Williams comes to Novaland to buy himself a Theta wife, fearing that he will chose her beautiful, but frail older sister, Elena Bailey offers herself to this arrogant and unattractive man.

But all is not as it seems. Dean needs a Theta wife so he can have a Theta daughter that will somehow help his sick sister, Genesisa. From a package left to him by his dead mother who could see the future, Dean has the clues he needs to cure his sister, and Elena is essential in his quest.

Pretty much all the characters from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen appear in this book, but with different names. It's an Austen novel, with fantasy, sci-fi, and erotica thrown into the mix.

There was never any explanation as to what Theta magic is, how it started, what it means. All we know is that a Theta person has a magical talent, whether it be seeing or hearing things very far away, tears that can cause a flood, or being able to cause a strong wind by blowing, among others, but no explanation of it all.

The characters seem quite forced to me,. The things they say don't feel true, like the author was trying hard to imitate the language in an Austen novel, but not working too well. And every now and then modern words appear in the book, "gross" for example. The genres also seemed a little forced. One minute it was Austen-esque with a fantasy thread, which was believable, and the next it jumps into sci-fi; there are hover crafts with firearms, cameras, and communication systems. The sex in the book seemed gratuitous and out of place, like it was written because the author wanted to there to be sex scenes, rather than because it actually fitted into the story. Granted, Dean and Elena needed to have sex for the story to continue, but the actual scenes themselves just felt disjointed.

The book didn't flow very well for me; it felt like a mish-mash of genres forced together, and I felt it wasn't written as well as it coulld be, either. I also found the ending really disappointing. I wasn't a fan of this book, but if the idea of an Austen novel with fantasy appeals to you, you may like it.

Thank you to Enid Wilson for a review copy.

Published: 2009
Publisher: Steamy D Publishing
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