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Introduction to Database:

The Own Voices UKYA Book Bloggers with Mental Illness Database is a exactly what it says on the tin - it's a database of Own Voices book bloggers with mental illness in the UK who review YA.

This is something I've been thinking about creating for a while, but finally decided to create the database after Amy of Bookish Height's tweet about how publishers should prioritise Own Voices bloggers over non-Own Voices bloggers. We bloggers could all help in this by suggesting Own Voices bloggers to publicists when offered a book to review - but this only works if we know of Own Voices bloggers to suggest, or have somewhere to point them to, where they could find them.

I think it would be a good idea for there to be databases of Own Voices bloggers for all marginalised groups, but I'm privileged in a lot of ways, and don't think it's my place to create them for marginalised groups I don't belong to. However, I have anxiety, so I thought it would be ok for me to create one for bloggers with mental illnesses.

To Apply to Join the Database

This is an opt-in database. Even if I know you have a mental illness, I will not add you unless you ask to be added. If you would like to be added to the database, drop me an email with the following:
  • First Name (or online alias)
  • Blog Title
  • Blog URL
  • Teen or adult?
  • Mental Illness/es
  • Any other marginalised groups you belong to (optional)
I ask if you are a teen or an adult because we review YA, and I think teens - as the target audience - should be prioritised over adults.

I ask about other marginalised groups you belong to in case of books where there's a character with depression who is also gay, or a Black character with anxiety, etc., so we bloggers and publishers can find specific intersectional bloggers who identify with specific intersectional characters - or as close to as possible.

All this information you provide will be made public on this page, for the purposes of trying to get YA novels featuring protagonists with mental illness into your hands..

Please add the following graphic to your blog, so other people can find the database and other Own Voices reviewers. You can adjust size yourself.

Own Voices UKYA Book Bloggers with Mental Illnesses Database graphic

<a href="https://www.onceuponabookcase.co.uk/p/own-voices-ukya-book-bloggers-with.html" target="_blank"><img alt="Own Voices UKYA Book Bloggers with Mental Illnesses Database graphic" src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEilnqIQ6FRPdD4vgLEoj9d0SmSHseA2RoquffW3Kp0HB_62mhrnU0UPbIvPv2IF-4blwYMquj7LLoTi2da4CfxYjaRTJsF7B1FZ4D_w82hlCGyA87NFQoazSmLax3B0KNe2HAIbjmP-4Ts/s1600/BBMI+Graphic.png" width="250" /></a>

Info for Publishers:

If you have YA ARCs featuring protagonist/s with mental illness/es to offer book bloggers, please prioritise Own Voices bloggers, and peruse this database for bloggers who are represented in the book. Where possible, please prioritise teen bloggers over adults, as they are the target audience of YA, after all.

Also, if the protagonist is from more than one marginalised group, please take note of the bloggers' other marginalisations, to find a blogger who is closely represented by the protagonist.

Info for Bloggers Without Mental Illness:

You can help get ARCs featuring protagonists with mental illness into Own Voices hands. Please use this database to find bloggers who have mental illness and read their Own Voices reviews. And when contacted by a publicist with the offer to review a book featuring protagonist/s with mental illness, please consider pointing them in the direction of this database

The Database:

The database is in alphabetical order of mental illness. All bloggers with intersecting marginalisations will have their other marginalisations following the link to their blogs.

Anxiety | OCD | Panic Disorder | Bipolar | Depression

Anxiety Disorders:







Panic Disorder:










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