Tuesday 10 December 2019

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Christmas Jumper Day is Almost Here!

A photo of a man in a navy blue jumper featuring an image of Rudolph saying Merry Christmas, holding his hands out to the side. The photo is edited to show the blog post title and blog title.

Photo by Stte Funn on Unsplash.

Christmas Jumper Day is Almost Here!

This Friday 13th is one of the most joyful and festive of the year - maybe second to Christmas Day itself! Why? It's Christmas Jumper Day!

For those who don't know, Christmas Jumper Day is a fundraising scheme from Save the Children, started in 2012, where schools and workplaces - or even individuals - donate £1-£2 (depending on age) to the charity and wear a Christmas Jumper.

I've taken part for the last three years, and will be doing so again this year. What's even cooler, a lot of my colleagues on my floor at work will also be donning their own Christmas jumpers, so it will be a bright, colourful day at work, too!

Because it's such an awesome day, I thought I'd share with you the Chrismtas jumpers I've worn in the past, and what I'll be wearing this Friday.

The Traditional One

A black jumper featuring a red stocking with a white nordic pattern, with a white fluffy trim, and sequined holly. There's a candy cane and a horn.

This was my very first Christmas jumper, and I still really like it! I love how traditional it is, with a chorn and a candy-cane! And I love the Nordic design on the stocking!

The Non-Chrismtassy One

A light grey jumper, with a giant penguin wearing a red and green woolly hat and scarf, in a snow scene, with tiny Christmas trees.

Everyone else considers this to be a Christmas jumper, because it's a jumper with a big picture, a snow scene, and Christmas colours. But this isn't a Christmas jumper. Why? Penguins have nothing to do with Christmas. They're associated with the cold, which is associated with Christmas in the Northern hemisphere, sure, but penguins themselves are not Christmassy. It is cute, though, and I struggled to find one I liked in 2017, so I went with it.

The Jingley One

A navy jumper, featuring an elf's body, wearing a green dress with silver collar and cuffs, with red and white stripped arms and tights, with red boots. There are actual bells sewn to the tips of her boots, and the tips of the zigzags at the bottom of her dress.

Aaah, I love this jumper! Not only does is make me an elf, but it has jingle bells on it! I sounded like Christmas all day, and it just really made me smile!

The Sequined One

A navy jumper featuring a sequined rudolph with closed eyes. Rudolph's antlers are made with two sided sequins; brushed one way, the antlers are gold, brushed the other, the antlers are stripped white and red. To show in this photo, one antler is one red and white and the other is gold.

This is the one I'll be wearing this year! I love it, my gorgeoys sequined Rudolph! And the antlers are made from two-sided sequins you can brush to change which side shows, so I can either have gold antlers or stripey red and silver antlers! I really, really love this jumper!

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Will you be donning a Christmas jumper for Christmas Jumper Day this Friday? What does the one you'll be wearing this year look like? And how about your favourite jumper, what does that look like? And which of my jumpers do you prefer? Let me know in the comments!

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