Tuesday 31 July 2018

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Mental Illness in YA Month Wrap Up

Mental Illness in YA Month

So Mental Illness in YA Month has come to a close! I hope you have enjoyed the event as much as I have in putting it together! If there are some posts you think you've missed, you can find links to all posts  in the Mental Illness in YA Month Schedule. There's still a few hours left to enter the giveaways if you haven't yet, and can do so here: Starfish by Akemi Dawn Bowman giveaway, White Rabbit, Red Wolf by Tom Pollock proof giveaway, and Colour Me In by Lydia Ruffles proof giveaway.

There are a lot of people I have to thank. Thank you to Akemi Dawn Bowman, Tom Pollock, Ashley Woodfolk, Eric Smith, Mike Schlossberg, and Lydia Ruffles for contributing to the event either by interview or guest post. Thank you to Hannah of A Cup of Wonderland, Hannah of Sprinkled With Words, and Georgia of Georgia's Bookish Thoughts for contributing with guest posts.

Thank you to Dahlia Adler, Katherine Locke, C. G. Drews, @EmmmaBooks, Kari Hagen, Aisha Bushby, Jessica Walton, Becky, Barker & Jones, Nass, Kate Mallinder, Lydia Ruffles, Becca Allen, Christina Banach, and Becca for all the amazing book recommendations that led to either me reading those books, or putting them in reading lists.

And thank you to you for reading my posts throughout the month, commenting, and contributing to the conversation. I feel so strongly about the importance of talking about mental illness to combat stigma, and I think books are such are safe way of having those conversations. I've really enjoyed reading all the very different books I've read, and the different experiences, struggles, views and opinions shown through those books. It's been a great month, and I'm very looking forward to reading the YA novels featuring mental illness that are published in the future.

Thank you for joining me along for this ride!

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