Sunday 4 September 2016


Retellings Reading Challenge 2016: Link to Your September Reviews

Retellings Reading Challenge 2016

Welcome to the Retellings Reading Challenge 2016 September link-up! How are you guys doing? You know I mentioned I was starting Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige in the last link up? I had to put it down, I just wasn't getting on with it, unfortunately. But there are a few others on my TBR, so hoperfully I'll get to read a few more retellings soon!

Hope you had a better August than me, and that September will be a good month, too! Link to your reviews below. But before you do...
  • You must sign up for the challenge before you post links to your reviews. Links from people who haven't signed up will be deleted. Sign up for the challenge here.
  • Make sure your links go directly to your reviews, not to your blog/Goodreads page/youtube channel. Those of the latter will be deleted.
  • To count, books must be read in May. Only books read at the very end of April will count for May if posted at the very beginning of the month. Otherwise they won't count.
  • When you link to your reviews, in the "Name" field, please include the title of the book, the author, and your blog name. For example: Wicked by Gregory Maguire @ Once Upon a Bookcase.


  1. I am almost to 9 books. I am currently reading number 8 and number 9. I realized that I forgot to link up 2 of my reviews, can I still do this?

    1. That's so cool, well done! :)

      You can thie year, but if you take part in next year's challenge, you'll have to post reviews to the link-up correlating to the month they were reviewed.

    2. Great!! Thanks!!! I have just had a lot going on these past few months I keep forgetting to put them up after I finish! :)