Saturday 18 April 2015

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Review: A Cat Called Panda by Melanie Arora

A Cat Called Panda by Melanie AroraA Cat Called Panda by Melanie Arora (review copy) - A small girl called Amanda converses with a haughty cat called Panda in this whimsical nonsense-style poem. Inspired by a real cat called Panda, we find out about his slightly superior character, why he is named after another animal and his particular fondness for bamboo. Playing with a ‘black and white’ theme throughout, magpies, cows and zebras all get a mention, with additional animals popping up in unexpected places. Amanda, Panda and friends come to life with the unique hand-printed illustrations that incorporate striking splashes of colour into the black and white palette. From Goodreads.

This is a cute little book about a cat who's name is Panda, and a young girl who doesn't understand why.

This small hardback, with it's great mostly black and white pictures illustrated by Charlie Brandon-King, it's a great little gift book. Readers will be amused by this superior cat's attitude and it's peculiar way of talking.

A Cat Called Panda is also perfect for children. With this poem's repetitive rhyming words, in a similar vein of Dr. Seuss, any child will be riveted by the rhythm as well as the striking illustrations of the various animals.

An enchanting little book that will delight all readers, whatever their age.

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Published: April 7th 2015
Publisher: Button Books


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