Sunday 2 February 2014

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Desperately Seeking Romance

Of the novel kind, that is.

I'm thinking of trying to dive in to more adult romance/"chick-lit" this year, however, I don't really know where to start, so I'm hoping you could recommend some titles to me.

I'm heading more towards the romance, but I don't want novels that are light and fluffy, I want ones that will have a profound affect on me - that will touch me, that will make me think, that will take my breath away, rather than just being sweet and entertaining. I don't mind crying, either. I want to be moved. Though I have no interest in recs for erotica or paranormal romance. I can do rom-coms, if they're still going to touch me.

In regards to "chick-lit", again, I want to be moved. But I'm not really looking for books to do with women and their relationship with their kids - grown up or otherwise. More like books to do with a woman's relationship with herself. That's going to mooooove.

ETA: This would be contemporary romance/"chick-lit". I'm not really a fan of historical.

So, do you know of any books that might be what I'm after? Please mention them in the comments below! Thank you! I'm thinking of setting myself a personal reading challenge, so I would like some books to go looking for. Cheers!

Get-a rec'ing! :)


  1. I'm not sure if they're quite what you're after but I'd recommend Kate Harrison's Brown Owl's Guide to Life and The Self Preservation Society, Ali Harris' The First Last Kiss and JoJo Moyes Me Before You. None are erotica or paranormal romance and they have female main characters who are interesting, flawed and learn something about themselves in the journey of the book. It's been a while since I read a few of them but I think they all feature romance but it's not a traditional boy meets girl story.

    1. Thanks, Laura! I have Me Before You waiting for me; borrowed it from my Mum after she raved. It sounds amazing! I'll look up the others. Thanks so much!

  2. Have a look at Crow Lake by Mary Lawson - it's a slow paced, more character driven book but I loved it. I also loved Tully and The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons

    1. Thanks for the recs, Sammee! I'll love them up! :)