Tuesday 2 April 2013

Changes to Once Upon a Bookcase

I love blogging, you all know this, but I love doing other things too. I have been finding lately that with the things that go on behind the scenes, what my readers don't see, is eating into a lot of my time, and I just don't have any over for the other things I like to do.

I have decided to try and greatly reduce the time spent on blogging admin - reading and responding to emails, the things I agree to, etc. This mostly won't affect you, readers, it mostly affects the publicists etc. that  contact me, but there will be changes:

  • Once Upon a Bookcase will be taking part in fewer blog tours. 
  • Weekly Gossip posts will continue to reveal covers and trailers, but the rest of the news will be things I'm interested in, rather than everything I get emailed about that is relevant to YA and/or fantasy.
It doesn't sound like much, but the time I normally spend on these things can take a few hours a week what with the various emails, getting images, formatting the posts. The time instead will be spent on doing other things I enjoy - perhaps even more reading, as I'm pretty sure I spend more time in a day sat in front of the computer rather than actually reading. If you're interested in the other changes I'm making that affect publicists/publishers/PR people - or if you actually are one - please read my Review Policy, which has just been updated.

Thanks for reading and understanding.


  1. I completely understand - blogging is supposed to be fun - a hobby even. If it's taking up too much time at the expense of other things then it's time to trim back a bit. Good move :)

    1. Thanks! It's working well so far! :) More time for me, hurrah!