Monday 21 January 2013

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Weekly Gossip

Here is your bookish news from the past week.

First some Tammara Webber news from Penguin UK. They will be publishing the whole Between the Lines series this year!

Between the Lines by Tammara Webber

Where You Are by Tammara Webber

The other two books in the series, Good For You and the as yet untitled fourth book, are yet to have covers. The release dates for the books are as follows:

Between the Lines - 14th February 2013
Where You Are - 14th March 2013
Good For You - 6th June 2013
Book #4 - 22nd August 2013


RHCP have released the book trailer for The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth LaBan:

Isn't it awesome?!


The Folio Society are well-established book re-publisher, they take classic books and re-publish them with unique illustrations. Among a number of books being promoted at the moment, a beautiful edition of The Wind in the Willows is one of them.

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham Folio EditionThe Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Graham - A glorious Folio edition of the children's classic, with enchanting illustrations by Charles van Sandwyk

When Mole is drawn out of his underground abode ('Hang spring-cleaning!') by the imperious call of Spring, he is fascinated by the world above his home. The first animal he meets is lively Ratty, who introduces him to the beauties of the river and the joys of 'simply messing about in boats'. Mr Toad, irrepressible aristocrat and creature of crazes, shatters this rural calm with his discovery of the automobile. 'Villages skipped, towns and cities jumped - always somebody else's horizon! Oh, bliss! Oh, poop-poop!' Soon he is risking life and limb indulging his new-found passion, experiencing brushes with the law and landing himself in prison, much to the concern of his friends. Even stern Badger cannot control Toad's lunatic enthusiasms and wild antics, until they are all faced with a tremendous battle against the scheming stoats and wheedling weasels that have taken over Toad Hall. Can the four friends win against the frightening denizens of the Wild Wood? And does our irresponsible hero really become 'an altered Toad'?

The Wind in the Willows is about many things - the changing seasons, the beauty and fragility of nature, the perils of the open road and the creeping tide of suburbia - but it is the glorious adventures of Toad, Mole, Ratty and Badger that have enchanted generations of children and their parents for nearly a century. The sheer familiarity of the characters has been a challenge to artists ever since, and Charles van Sandwyk has risen to it magnificently. His wonderful illustrations breathe new life into the much-loved heroes of Kenneth Grahame's classic, magically evoking the idyllic and occasionally dangerous world of wild wood and river bank.
The stunning illustrations in our edition evoke an idyllic world of river-bank adventures, threatened only by the 'poop-poop' of Toad's new motor car and the frightening denizens of the Wild Wood.

You can find out more about this edition and see some of the beautiful illustrations on the The Wind and the Willows page on the Folio Society's site.


Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce

This week there's a blog tour for Anthem for Jackson Dawes by Celia Bryce - a virtual writing workshop blog tour. Visit the following blogs for the different stops and the writing advice.

21st January: The Overfowing Library - Character
22nd January: The Pewter Wolf - Plot/Narrative
23rd January: The Book Addicted Girl - Emotion
24th January: Readeraptor - Setting
25th January: Writing From the Tub - Making It Unique


News from the Scottish Book Trust:

Watch Darren Shan Online, for Shivers Down Your Spine
Award Winning Author to Take Part in Live Internet Broadcast

Award winning horror writer Darren Shan is to take part in a live internet broadcast to thousands of children across the UK on Thursday 24th January.

Brave fans of Darren’s chilling books are invited to tune in as he answers questions about his life as an author and treats them to an exclusive reading from the second book in his popular Zom-B series. Edgy, confrontational and punchy, Zom-B brings together all the classic Shan trademarks that have turned him into a global writing superstar.

The free Authors Live event, run by Scottish Book Trust and BBC Scotland Learning, will streamed live on the BBC Scotland Learning website on Thursday 24th January at 11am. Authors Live is funded by Creative Scotland.


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