Monday 16 July 2012

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Weekly Gossip

Here is your bookish news from the past week!

First up, the cover for ZOM-B Underground by Darren Shan has been revealed!

ZOM-B Underground by Darren Shan

Just as gruesome/awesome as the last cover, huh? So creepy!

You may remember a little while back I shared the cover reveal for The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead, and noted that there was no lily on Sydney's face. Well, it turned out, that wasn't the finished cover. Richelle Mead shared an updated version of the cover on Facebook recently (note: updated, not finished), and this is how it now looks:

The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead

What do we think now? I love it even more! So pretty! I thought the other guy was Trey previously, but now I have no idea. Trey didn't have a tattoo on his face! So who is this guy? I don't know!


Here is the trailer for The Forsaken by Lisa Stasse.

How awesome does it look? I'm so looking forward to reading it!


Now for some bonus material and extracts!

Seraphina by Rachel Hartman

Rachel Hartman has written a prequel to Seraphina! I have been assured that The Audition (link goes to Goodreads) can be read before Seraphina, it won't spoil the story for you! So you cna go right ahead and read it here.

Some Chicagoland Vampire news for you now.

Biting Cold by Chloe Neill

The sixth book in series by Chloe Neill, Biting Cold, will be released in the 9th August! Chloe has made the first chapter available on her website, and you can read it here.


  1. The Forsaken trailor looks awesome! Thanks for sharing this news :)x

    1. No problem! It does, doesn't it?! I am so looking forward to reading it!

  2. BITING COOOOOOOOOOOLD! JO! I so so so SO can't wait for this one! After Hard Bitten then Drink Deep, I NEED TO KNOW WHAT'S UP WITH YOU KNOW WHO AND THE OTHER YOU KNOW WHO *IS DYING*

    1. I actually don't know who! I've only read the first two books! But now I am excited to continue this series! I have book three on my bookcase, so maybe I'll pick it up soon! :)