Tuesday 14 February 2012

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Blog Tour: If I Die by Rachel Vincent

Today, I am honoured to have the amazingly talented Rachel Vincent stopping by my blog for the If I Die Blog Tour! Read on for a Q&A with very cool answers!

rachel vincentHappy Valentine’s Day! What would be the ideal Valentine’s Day Date for Kaylee?

Kaylee’s ideal Valentine’s date would be anything that doesn’t involve the forces of evil. And some strictly-alone time with her date. No parents. No friends. No hellions.

What do you think would be the most likely reason Valentine’s Day would be ruined for Kaylee and friends, in the paranormal world she lives in?

Evil. Evil interrupts everything. It’s relentless like that.

What can readers expect from If I Die?

Oh, a little bit of everything. Death. Drama. Kissing. Tears. Triumph. More kissing.

if i die by rachel vincentYou have an array of paranormal creatures in this series, with the bean sidhes, hellions, maras, reapers, hypnos and incubi. How do you research these creatures for your books? And how many do you create yourself, if any?

Several are my take on creatures in folklore: bean sidhes, maras, oracles, incubi. But others (hypnos, syphons, and those super-shiny bright twins from My Soul To Keep) I made up entirely. Hellions are my version of demons (with no religious overtones), after picking and choosing from the traits they have in various mythos.

Any teasers on what direction the series may take after If I Die?

Well, If I Die is definitely a turning point, so Kaylee will never really be the same as she was before. In Before I Wake, she and Nash are both dealing with some pretty harsh changes, and their friends and family are trying to help them deal. Then there’s the consequence of Tod’s rash-if-heroic action. That’s a doozy. ;)

Thank you, Rachel, for such fantastic answers! Be sure to visit Rachel's website and her blog. If I Die was released on 3rd February, check out my review of If I Die.


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