Tuesday 15 November 2011

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Read It and Laugh - Laugh of the Week: Doing It by Melvin Burgess

Have you heard about Read It and Laugh? No? Well, prepare for the funny! Read It and Laugh is a collaborative author blog where YA authors of funny books aim on showing the world that YA is not all doom and gloom and evil. It's pretty awesome. I only discovered it today, and reading and commenting on the posts, I've had a fair bit of a giggle :)

As well as telling you about the blog, there is another point to this post. My submission for Laugh of the Week!

read it and laugh's laugh of the weekHave you ever read a book where you're laughing so hard you actually have to put the book down and rush to the loo because you're on the verge of... an accident? Doing It by Melvin Burgess did that to me. It is that funny. The excerpt below is just one of the hilariously funny moments in the book, but this is one of the best - to introduce it, Jonathan, one of the narrators, fears he has a gential problem.

ETA: If you are drinking a hot drink, put it down before reading. Don't hurt yourself!

That’s why girl’s are so lucky. Doctors are always examining fannies. It’s the first thing you do when you get a fanny, you take it down the doctor and get it looked at. If you’re a girl and you go down to the doctor even with a sore foot or something, the doctor looks at your foot and says, Fine, OK, ointment, bandages, whatever-- Oh, and while you’re here would you like me to look at your fanny? And the girl, says, Yeah, sure, might as well, and off they go. It happens all the time. Girls are used to it. But willies are different. No one ever shows the doctor their willy. Name me one person. I bet you know loads of people who’ve had their fannies examined. You know, smear tests and things, they happen almost once a week. But name one single person who’s shown their knob to the doctor. You can’t, can you? There’s even a profession dedicated entirely to looking at fannies, gynaecologists. Have you ever heard of a single doctor who specialises in knobs? A knobologist? Doesn’t exist. Now, see, if a man goes down to the doctor’s and says, I want you to check my knob out, you’d get thrown out just like that. What do you mean, you pervert, you want to show me your knob? Right, nurse, ring the police.

How can you not read that and laugh your head off? Oooh, it almost killed me. I loved it! It is my intent on posting a Laugh of the Week submission whenever I come across something funny in the future - but I can't say how regularly this will be.


  1. I made a big mistake of continuing to sip my coffee while reading that.
    Big mistake.


  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! I shall edit the post for any future readers. Glad you found it funny, but hope you didn't burn yourself too badly!

  3. Haha :) I love the idea behind the Read It and Laugh blog and also think the idea of highlighting funny books/passages on your blog is a wonderful idea :)

  4. OMG, I'm totally checking this site out! There have definitely been some books I've read that make me go, "I have to share this paragraph with the whole world NOW," and now it looks like there's a place to do so.

    Thanks so much for sharing!


  5. Clover - It is pretty awesome! I really like the blog :)

    Lori - No problem! That's only part of the site though, there's lots of cool blog posts too :)