Wednesday 19 October 2011


Cupcakes for Clara's New Shop!

A non-bookish post to share some news with you.
cupcakes for clara

You may remember back in April I interviewed professional crafter Laura Clempson, the lovely lady behind the website Cupcakes for Clara.
cupcakes for clara

Well, Laura has opened her new Cupcakes for Clara Etsy Shop! It's absolutely wonderful, and I implore you to check it out! Not only are some of her items wonderful for kids, they're just so cute, even adults are likely to love them! There are fattie soft toys, finger puppets, cupcake keyrings and a Christmas pudding flattie to sew and make, there are Clara dess-up dolls and additional clothes, and there are Clara note cards and post-it notes! Ohh, there's so much I want!
cupcakes for clara

I myself have bought a cupcake keyring and one of the post-it notes designs. Once I've got some more money in my pocket, I'm definitely getting a fattie, and I LOVE the note cards, just so cute! Oooh, to be rich!
cupcakes for clara

Be sure to check the shop out! You may get some ideas for Christmas pressies! :)


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