Monday 17 January 2011

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Guest Post - Introducing Macy from You Killed Wesley Payne by Sean Beaudoin & Contest

Today I'm fortunate enough to have a guest post from Macy Payne, one of the characters from the You Killed Wesley Payne, the new novel from Sean Beaudoin, who brought us Going Nowhere Faster and Fade to Blue. Read on for a contest to win a signed copy of Fade to Blue!

You Killled Wesley Payne-coverHey. I’m Macy Payne. Pretty much a side character in the new book You Killed Wesley Payne. You can call me Macy. Just don’t call me “The good girl.” I really hate that. And don’t even think about calling me “the love interest.” I’m a Euclidian. That’s the nerdy-smart clique. I also do theatre and write poetry. That sounds really pathetic, doesn’t it? Anyway, something really bad happened to my brother. So bad that this Private Dick just showed up at our school, Salt River High. Everyone says he’s here to find out what happened to Wesley. But I don’t trust him at all. Even if he is kinda cute. Wait, did I say that out loud? No. He’s not cute at all. Not even a little. Anyway, I have to run, I have a quiz.

The Three (3) Most Important Rules for Getting Through Today:
1. Clean sweater. Ironed skirt. Ninety-five percentile on Algebra quiz. Don’t think about what happened to Wesley.
2. Avoid Jeff Chuff, QB. He’s the head of The Balls, the football clique. The Salt River High Mighty Logsplitters. Jeff thinks I’m his girlfriend. He’s wrong. Sort of.
3. Stop staring at Dalton Rev. So what if he’s sitting in the same class. Just stop it. Don’t look. Do. Not. Look. Oh, great, now he saw. And he’s looking back. Fantastic. I’m going to have to say something. But what? Um, I like your leather jacket? No way. Um, I like your skull tattoo? He doesn’t even have a skull tattoo. Oh my god, time’s almost up and I haven’t even finished half of this quiz!

You Killed Wesley Payne is a murder mystbry. About my brother. Who killed Wesley Payne? You did. Probably. Is Dalton looking? Please tell me he’s not looking. Did I just spill milk on my skirt? I did. That’s it. I’m going home. Who cares about attendance?

I do.

I care about attendance.

Just leave me alone.

-Macy Payne

Thanks Macy for such a cool guest post! Be sure to check out the You Killed Wesley Payne website and Sean Beudoin's website. You Killed Wesley Payne is released on 1st February 2011.

Thanks to Blogreach Solutions, one lucky winner will win a signed copy of Fade to Blue, Sean's second novel. Open to US residents only. See below for more info on the book, and the rules.

fade to blue by sean beaudoinFade to Blue by Sean Beaudoin - The novel begins with alternating chapters from two characters: Sophie, an angry Goth teenager and sarcastic social outcast; and Kenny, the 'big man on campus' whose life may be a little TOO perfect. Gradually the reader begins to see some parallels between the two teenager's lives, building up to the big reveal. Kenny, in fact, is Sophie reincarnated and living out a fantasy life! But is she really dead? Sophie gradually unravels the mystery of what is happening to her, what is happening to the real Kenny, and what happened when her father mysteriously disappeared a year earlier. There is a science fiction/fantasy element, discussion of medical research, philosophy, commerce and ethics throughout. Ultimately, this is a wildly innovative young adult novel filled with appealing, sharply-drawn characters, and crazy twists and turns. From Amazon UK


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  • Winners' contact info will be passed on to my contact at Blogreach Solutions, who will send out the prize. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.
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  1. Both of these sound really interesting, so I clicked through to bookmark this in my 'interesting books' folder and whoa! New design! I like the purple stripes, they remind me of one of the backgrounds I made for my fashion blog a couple of years ago.

  2. They do sound good, don't they?! Haha, thank you! I'm a big purple fan, and I fancied something new :)