Monday 20 September 2010

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Review: Torment by Lauren Kate

Torment by Lauren KateTorment by Lauren Kate (ARC) - WARNING! I cannot review this book without spoiling Fallen, the first in the series. Do not read any further if you plan on reading Fallen and do not want to be spoilt.

In "Torment", fallen angel Daniel and his mortal love Lucinda think they are safe but evil forces are massing against them. As Luce learns more about her past, and discovers that the lives she's already lived hold the key to her future happiness; she starts to wonder if Daniel has told her the whole truth. What if his version of events isn't the way things happened? What if that means that she's really meant to be with someone else? From Amazon UK

I fell in love with Luce and Daniel's story in Fallen, and was beyond excited and frustrated when I finished the book; excited because it was just so wow, frustrated because I had so many questions and had to wait so long for Torment! So I ws thrilled when the lovely ladies of Random House UK handed out bound manuscripts of Torment as gifts to the bloggers who came to the Book Bloggers Meet Up in May. And now I've read it, all I can say is OH MY GOD!

I am reeling with amazement as I write this at how incredible Torment is! The writing skill Kate just blows me away. We have a whole slew of new characters who are just so real they could jump out of the page, a plot that is just so believable, a rollercoaster of emotions that will tug at the heart strings, and so much excitement you won't be able to sit still!

You know those questions I mentioned earlier that were left over from Fallen? Well now I have a whole lot more to add to the list. Kate has this brilliant way of just scratching the surface of what's going on, giving you - and Luce - just a glimpse of what is the heart of, well, everything that makes this story, without really answering any questions, yet keeping you turning the pages like your life depended on it. I can't tell you how maddening - in a good way - it is to still not know what's going on! Kate drops hints throughout, and I have my theories, but who knows if they're right? It's just fantastic, I am completely gripped by this story!

We have a few new characters who make an entrance in Torment. Shelby, Luce's roommate at her new school, is great; she's sarcastic, she's a little rough sometimes, but altogether someone you would enjoy being around. Jasmine and Dawn are brilliant, both really sweet and excitable - Dawn especially, just the cutest thing ever. Then there's Miles, the sweetest, loveliest guy! Just adorable! They're all brilliant!

The love between Luce and Daniel is just so wow. I am unable to describe it eloquently. It's this big, wonderful, scary thing that is just overwhelming to read about. It's huge, it's poweful, it's endless - and it's really quite beautiful. Kate's may be some of, if not the best descriptions of all encompassing love I have ever read. It really is amazing how brilliantly Kate puts something so undescribable into words. It's one of the things that makes me love this series so much; not only is the plot exciting and intriguing, the love is just so real it's almost palpable.

The main action, like in Fallen, comes right at the end. There are smaller action scenes throughout the book, but the main event is towards the very end. Luce gets to see more this time round than in Fallen, and it's just awesome to see the angels at work. Really impressive, really exciting, really worrying! I loved it!

The ending! Oh my god, the ending! Such a cliffhanger, with all those added questions! I am dying to find out what will happen, but the next book in the series, Passion, who's publication date is yet to be announced, covers Luce's past lives, so is more of a prequel than a sequel. I cannot wait for the next two books, the wait for them is going to be torture! If you haven't already, you really need to start this series, it's so far beyond amazing there are no words!

Thanks to Random House for the review copy.

Published: 30th September 2010 in UK, 28th September 2010 in US
Publisher: Random House UK, Delecourte Books for Young Readers in US
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Lauren Kate's Website
Fallen UK Website

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  1. I wasn't sure about this one at first but by the ending I was officially blown away! AND I cannot to find out how it all ends!!

    My review of this goes up tomorrow.

  2. I'd managed to surpress my want to read this, but now I'm dying to!

  3. Michelle - Ohh, I loved it! I thought it was just amazing! Soo can't wait til the next book, though hate that I have to wait so long. Nevermind, it'll be well worth the wait!

    Sophie - Ohhh, it's SO good! I read it only a few weeks back, so I resisted temptation for quite a while. It was amazing! Are you going to the LK event?!

  4. I don't know yet. I told Lauren (Bennett) that I'd try, but it depends on my timetable at uni because it's a weekday.

  5. Oooh, I do hope you can! I think it'll be awesome! :)

  6. Great review Jo - this one is on its way to me now - so I can't wait to read it!

  7. Thank you! I really hope you enjoy it! It's a fantastic book! :)

  8. I only read your last paragraph since I have not read Fallen. Wow, it sounds like a great series from your closing comments! I will have to look into this series. The cover is so beautiful! Thank you :)

  9. No problem! It's an amazing series! I'm sure you'll love them!

  10. Great Review! I didn't like Fallen until the last 100 pages because it was too slow for my taste. Because I believe in second chances I got a copy of Torment let see if I like it.

  11. Oh, I hope you enjoy it,though I'm going to hazard a guess that you won't. The secondbook is pretty similar in pace. I have my fingers crossed though!