Wednesday 14 July 2010

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Contest: Signed Copy of Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell

Thanks to Simmone Howell, I have a signed copy of Everything Beautiful to give away!

everything beautiful by simmone howellEverything Beautiful by Simmone Howell - When Riley's Dad gets a new girlfriend, life turns upside down for Riley. She doesn't like Norma and Norma doesn't like her. But it is not until Riley finds herself shipped off to 'camp' that she realises just how bad things have become. Determined to continue on her path of bad behaviour and general obnoxiousness, Riley Rose is sure that she can turn this 'spiritual camp' upside down. And when she meets Dylan Luck, recent paraplegic, she thinks she has found a fellow troublemaker. What follows is a very surprising week for Riley. Truths are told and secrets revealed, and sex, cigarettes and booze prove to be a potent cocktail, but in the end Riley has learnt quite a lot about herself, Dylan and exactly why she appeared hell-bent on self-destruction. From Amazon UK

  • Open to UK residents only.
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  • Contest closes on 21st July 2010.
  • will choose the winners, and they'll be announced on 25th July 2010.
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  1. Great contest - thanks :) x

  2. No problem! :) Good luck!

  3. Yikes, awesome! Thanks for the contest Jo (gaaah it takes like 7 minutes for me to write this! I hate Safari.)

  4. No problem! Oh gosh, I am so sorry! :S Could it be all the wigets? Hmm. Maybe it I made a widget page, it would be easier? :S