Sunday 7 March 2010


Themed Month Decided: Body Image and Self-Perception

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was considering doing another themed week, like I held Sex in Teen Lit last year. I did say that I would hold a poll of all the suggestions for everyone to vote for, but I've decided against it for various reasons:

  • All of the ideas were great, but one of the ideas I am just so interested in excited to about.
  • This idea was suggested twice.
  • Becky of The Bookette suggested an idea, but she has developed the idea and wants to do more on it herself, and so it would be unfair to hold a poll in case it gets voted for.
So the themed month is going to be Body Image and Self-Perception in Teen Lit - suggested by Luisa and Rebecca. This will cover not just eating disorders, but, as Luisa put it, "also being happy with your shape/size whatever it is". I also think it would be cool to look into things from low self-esteem/self-confidence to physical disabilities and disfigurment .

I'd like to hold this themed month in July like last year, if that's ok with everyone? There were a fair few people who said they would be interested in taking part in a themed month when I first suggested it, and I just want to check that those people are still interested, and if anyone else is, now you know the topic? Also, I think a fair number of books will need to be recommended/suggested for this, if there are a fair number of people taking part.

Some of the books suggested are...

Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig (eating disorders)
Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (eating disorders)
Everything Beautiful by Simmone Howell (self-acceptance)
Purge by Sarah Darer Littman (eating disorders)
Skinny by Ibi Kaslik (eating disorders)
Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee (obesity)
Huge by Sasha Paley (obesity)
Skin by A.M Vrettos (eating disorders)
Jane in Bloom by Deborah Lytton (eating disorders/self-esteem)

If you know of any others, please comment with their titles, and what they cover!

To remind you all, last year's SiTL Month had reviews, author interviews, discussion posts, blogger and author guest posts, and I think it would be cool if we could have the same again. If there are any authors reading who are interested in recommending their book and being interviewed/writing a guest post, please let me know.

I also think it's fine if it turns out several people end up reviewing a few of the same books, as we'll all have differing opinions - just as long as we're not reviewing exactly the same books. I can post a Mr Linky for each sub-topic (eating disorders, low self-esteem, etc) for everyone to post their reviews, discussion posts, etc etc.

Things can be organised a little more when there's more of an idea of who wants to contribute - it wouldn't be so great if we're all having the same discussions, so I guess "pitching" ideas for discussions may be an idea, and then I can perhaps post with a schedule; who's reading/discussing/interview/etc what/who. That kind of thing.

So yeah, thoughts, book suggestions, willingness to contribute/take part, let me know in the comments.

ETA: More Recs:

Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin (Alopecia/Self-Esteem)
North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley (Disfigurement)
Just Listen by Sarah Dessen (Eating Disorders/Self-Esteem)
Jumping to Confusions by Liz Rettig (Obesity/Self-Esteem)
Last Chance by Sarah Dessen (Obesity/Self-Esteem)
The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler (Obesity/Self-Esteem)
My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter (Body image/Self-Esteem?)
Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham (Disability)
Out of the Fire by Deborah Froese (Disfigurement)
Accidents of Nature by Harriet McBryde Johnson (Disability)
Nothing by Robin Friedman (Eating Disorders - Male Protag)
Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have by Allen Zadoff (Eating Disorders - Male Protag)

Perhaps some recs that aren't eating disorder/obesity based now? I think there may be enough there if we can get a fair number of other recs as well.


  1. Maybe Willow by Julia Hoban aka Scarred in the UK, I know its due to be released here. I loved this book so so much, and it's about self harm, which is perfect for this right?!

  2. North of Beautiful by Justina Chen Headley (Main character has a port wine stain birthmark)

    Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin (alopecia/self esteem)

    Jumping to Confusions by Liz Rettig (weight)

  3. I'd love to take part in this--it's such a good idea! I'm really interested in the extremes of this and the kind of mental state behind it. I'll probably be reading some of the books you've noted above! Great idea :D

  4. Sounds like a great topic. :)

    On the size issue, there are some suggestions within this post's comments:

  5. Sounds like an awesome theme- I'd love to tak part! I suggest Just Listen bu Sarah Dessen, it covers anorexia and slef confidence and stuff like that. I can't think of anymore in my head-oh wait, another Sarah Dessen book- Last Chance here in the UK Keeping the Moon in the US- that covers obsesity.

    Cant wait!

  6. Carla - Is it self-harm because of how she feels about herself, or about other issues in her life? There may be a slight problem with it there But I do really want to read it though! :) Thanks for the suggestion!

    Jenny - You are a star, thank you!

    Sasha - Thank you! I'll make a note of you wanting to take part, and contact you a little later on to discuss the what's and the when's. :)

    Karen - Thanks for the link, I shall definitely check it out! Cheers!

    The Book Bug - Brilliant! Again, I'll make a note of you wanting to take part, and contact you a little later on. Thanks for the suggestions! :)

  7. I'd love to take part, Jo, and if I think of any more suitable books I'll let you know as soon as possible! (I have the same problem as last year with July, but I'm definitely be around at the start of the month!)

    Oh - I think this is mentioned in the link above, but The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler is another good one.

  8. Oops, I meant "I'll definitely be around"! :)

  9. This sounds like a great idea :o) I wasn't blogging when you did your last theme month but I'm looking forward to this one!

  10. Luisa - Thanks Luisa, I really appreciate it! Oh, I'm sorry I, again, set this up for when you're away. :/ Cheers for the rec!

    Sarah - That's great! If you're interested, you can still read all the posts from Sex in Teen Lit month are still available.

  11. This sounds really interesting. Re: books, what about Deenie by Judy Blume? It's about a girl who needs to wear a body brace for scoliosis, and it's a classic.

  12. I think "self-acceptance" would work for Everything Beautiful, if you wanted to write something next to it?

  13. Lauren - Oooh, good idea! I've read that book several times, and really enjoyed it! I shall add it to the list! Cheers!

    Luisa - Ahh, awesome, thank you! :)

  14. This is a great idea Jo, and I will definitely be tuning in to your posts for this. I'm not sure I can add any to the list, but I do have Wintergirls, so I think I may end up reading it during the month to contribute to discussions.

  15. That's awesome, cheers! I'm really looking forward to it! I've been doing some igging today and have found a few other novels I've to add to the list, and I've emailed some authors to see if they would mind participating. Fingers crossed it's going to be as good as Sex in Teen Lit Month! :)

  16. I really loved reading Sex in Teen Lit Month (I think I even put the link in my webography for my MA portfolio) and I've been hoping to do more with my book blog than just review for a while. Is it too late to say I'd love to take part? I read Massive by Julia Bell last year, which is about eating disorders, and I've read Last Chance by Sarah Dessen quite a few times (since getting a copy free with an issue of J-17 magazine!).

  17. Oh, that's just awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed Sex in Teen Lit month, and that you included a linkt to it in your MA portfolio! Thank you so much! :)
    And nooo, it's not too late at all to sign up! I'll email you a little later, as I've updated things since this post. But it's great to have you on board! :)

  18. This sounds like an amazing challenge and I definitely want to participate. I also have a book suggestion, one of my favorites that I read last year: Secrets of Truth and Beauty by Megan Frazer. It is a beautiful story about acceptance. The protagonist deals with weight issues.

  19. That's awesome, Christina! I'll email you shortly. Thanks also for the suggestion, I'll add it to the list! :)

  20. Other book suggestions: Crazy Beautiful by Lauren Baratz-Logsted (self acceptance/physical disabilities), Beastly by Alex Flinn (disfigurement), and Izzy Willy-Nilly by Cynthia Voigt (physical disability).

  21. Cheers for the other recs, too! :)