Thursday 11 March 2010


Body Image & Self-Perception Month Update

A few updates in regards to Body Image & Self-Perception Month - if you don't know what this is, check out this post. I've created some pages, which you'll find at the top of my left sidebar. BISP Novels list the books that have been recommended by others or myself for the month, under their sub-topic (eating disorders, disability, etc), and BISP Participants list the bloggers and the authors who have said they would like to take part. I will update these two pages as necessary, but I will also create a blog post with updates as we go along with new bloggers or authors who will be taking part.

So the bloggers who will be participating so far are:
Sasha of The Sweet Bonjour
The Book Bug
Luisa of Chicklish

The authors who will be participating so far are:
Jan Blazanin
Sydney Salter
Simmone Howell
Sarah Darer Littman
Allen Zadoff
Deborah Lytton
Liz Rettig

If any other bloggers want to participate, please comment saying so. I would also like those bloggers participating - those who need to comment, and those already listed - to email me if they can some time soon-ish (joannestapley[at]googlemail[dot]com) with their ideas on what books they think they'll be reading, what they will be discussing, etc.

This is because I don't want everyone reading and talking about exactly the same books and topics. Some overlap with books is fine, but if we're all reading the same books, it'll get boring. I want some sort of idea about this now because last year, when I held Sex in Teen Lit Month, I did most of my reading in June and then some in July, and I felt a bit of pressure to get it all finished in time. This year, I want to start as soon as possible, reading books for the month in between others and schedule posts so there is less pressure on me.

Also, the authors won't necessarily be interviewed by me, or writing guest posts for me, they're happy for any blog, they just want to take part, so I need to work out which authors will be on which blogs too, and pass on contact details.

You can all work to your own deadlines, you don't have to start anytime soon, but I would like a rough idea of when people will be posting their reviews, etc, as I want to post a schedule at the beginning of the month so people know what's going on where - but I don't need to know this right away. This is just so you're aware.

So yeah, comment if you want to take part, email me with your ideas if you are taking part. Cheers!

P.S. Is anyone nifty with photoshop who would mind making a button for the event? If so, please comment! Don't need it sorted right now, but would be cool to know it's another thing I don't need to worry about. Thanks.


  1. I like working in Photoshop Jo, if you don't have someone to do the logo let me know and I'd be happy to help.

  2. Ohh, that would be great! Thanks Bella, I'll email you soon!