Saturday 19 December 2009

In My Mailbox (13)

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I got quite a few this week!

For Review:

Girl, Aloud by Emily GaleGirl, Aloud by Emily Gale

Kass Kennedy is in the spotlight, thanks to her Dad. He plans on selling her soul to the Devil - or at any rate to Simon Cowell when she finds herself pushed into an X-Factor audition. Kass could just say no, but her dad's manic-depressive mood swings are a constant worry and he has her in an emotional half-Nelson. Just when things couldn't get worse, Kass falls for a gorgeous older boy, also named Cass. She's amazed when he appears to like her, but it turns out this boy, is her best friend's long-term crush. What's a girl to do? Everything Kass thought she understood starts to fall apart and the only person she can turn to ... grumpy Simon Cowell (literally in her dreams). She might not be able to sing her way out of a paper bag, but Kass discovers that she isn't a choker when it comes to sorting out real life. From Amazon UK. Reviewed already.

Wicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound by Nancy Holder & Debbie ViguiƩWicked 2: Legacy & Spellbound by Nancy Holder & Debbie ViguiƩ
Holly Cathers is not the same person she was almost a year and a half ago. After discovering her connection to an ancient legacy of witches, Holly has accepted her destiny as a descendant of the House of Cahors. She is determined to end an intergenerational feud that has plagued her family for centuries.
Holly will have to overcome unworldly obstacles as she battles to protect her loved ones -- including Jer, a member of the rival House of Deveraux and her one true love. A war of magical proportions is being waged, and Holly is at the center of it all.
Lives will be lost, and sacrifices will have to be made....
From Amazon US

When I Was Joe by Keren DavidWhen I Was Joe by Keren David

When Ty witnesses a stabbing, his own life is in danger from the criminals he s named, and he and his mum have to go into police protection. Ty has a new name, a new look and a cool new image life as Joe is good, especially when he gets talent spotted as a potential athletics star, special training from an attractive local celebrity and a lot of female attention. But his mum can t cope with her new life, and the gangsters will stop at nothing to flush them from hiding. Joe s cracking under extreme pressure, and then he meets a girl with dark secrets of her own. This wonderfully gripping and intelligent novel depicts Ty/Joe's confused sense of identity in a moving and funny story that teenage boys and girls will identify with - a remarkable debut from a great new writing talent.
Won from Fiercebook:

Fallen by Lauren KateFallen by Lauren Kate - yup, another!

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours? 17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross ...only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart. Some angels are destined to fall... From Amazon UK

The Nostradamus Prophecy by Theresa BreslinThe Nostradamus Prophecy by Theresa Breslin

When Nostradamus proclaims to the French court his prophecy of a great massacre, the young King Charles only laughs. His mother, Catherine de' Medici, pays more heed - she believes that Nostradamus can truly see the future. But the great soothsayer's prophecies are not only for those who rule; he also has a message for Melisande, the minstrel's daughter, who he believes is linked with him by Fate. And as the Angel of Death approaches, Nostradamus entrusts to her safekeeping some very special parchments - parchments that the rulers of France would do anything to see... From Amazon UK

Selina Penalina by Jan PageSelina Penalina by Jan Page

Selina Penaluna is a merrymaid or so she believes...Ellen and Jack are evacuated from London to Cornwall during the Second World War. Ellen relishes the opportunity to better herself. Jack is different. He finds the attention from his new family stifling and seeks freedom in the arms of Selina, the mysterious local girl he sees at the shore. Selina, Ellen and Jack's lives are intertwined in a series of events that lead to tragedy. From Amazon UK
Gifted from my Oxfam Bookshop:

Wildthorn by Jane Eagland

Seventeen-year-old Louisa Cosgrove longs to break free from her respectable life as a Victorian doctor's daughter. But her dreams become a nightmare when Louisa is sent to Wildthorn Hall: labeled a lunatic, deprived of her liberty and even her real name. As she unravels the betrayals that led to her incarceration, she realizes there are many kinds of prison. She must be honest with herself - and others - in order to be set free. And love may be the key... From Amazon UK

Yup, happy girl again! A few others can be found on Ink and Paper.


  1. Great mailbox. You got quite a few great review. I will be watching for your reviews!

  2. Ooh, great-looking books! I'm reading When I Was Joe right now and it's killing me to tear myself away from it. It's fantastic! I hope you enjoy it - and all those other great books. Happy reading!

  3. Wildthorn by Jane Eagland looks good. I love books set during the Victorian era.

  4. Sounds like a great bunch of books!

  5. Ooh, some interesting ones here, and yay for getting Wicked!

  6. WOW! Wicked and Selina Penaluna sound like my type of books! I love your bookshelf!

  7. Elie - Cheers! Hopefully I'll enjoy them all, so you'll have some positive reviews to read :)

    Luisa - Thank you! I'm reading When I Was Joe now, too! Is ever so slightly hard to read; I live in the east end of London, people I know of have been murdered, mugged while being threatened with a knife, etc etc. So it's a bit "Oh dear, this could be someone I know!". I am only a few pages in, though. Good so far!

    AIV - As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to pick it up! Jane Eagland was lovely enough to write a guest post for me for Sex in Teen Lit Month, so I just had to read her book!

    Stormi - Cheers, I'm looking forward to reading them!

    Catherine - I know! I am so excited to read Wicked 2! I loved the first two! :D

    Kirthi - Thanks! :D I'm looking forward to Wicked especially, and I'm intrigued by Selina Penaluna. Who doesn't love mermaids? :)

  8. These all look really interesting, especially When I Was Joe. Great week for your mailbox! :)

  9. Thank you! I'm reading When I Was Joe now, and it's awesome so far! :D

  10. Great week! Hope you enjoy reading them all :)

  11. Great books!
    Happy reading and happy holidays! :)

  12. Very diverse selection there. I keep meaning to read Selena Penaluna, and I'm hearing good things about When I Was Joe. Plus, you can never have too many copies of Fallen, right?! Great week.

  13. Coooool stack. I'm looking forward to hearing more about a couple of these.

  14. Wildthorn looks really good! (*wonders why she hasn't heard of it*) Great stash this week!

  15. I am going to have to check to see if Wildthorn is somehow available in the US. It looks so good! Happy reading!

  16. Jenny - Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading them!

    Milka - Cheers, you too!

    Lauren - Cheers, thank you! Omg, I have far too many copies of Fallen! A contest is due, imo!

    Juju - Thanks! I hope I'll have some positive reviews for you!

    Kay - Cheers! Wildthorn does look good, doesn't it? I can't wait to read it!

    PO - Try The Book Depository; they have free international shipping. I'll email you in case you don't check these comments again.

  17. Ooh I am seeing a lot of that book Wicked..... looks great!

  18. It does! I loved the first two, so I can't wait to read it! :D

  19. Thanks for the heads up. I love Book Depository!

  20. You just added a bunch of titles to my wishlist - hurray.

  21. Haha, awesome! I hope you enjoy them when you get to read them! :)

  22. Great books! I'm laughing over Selina Penaluna...I've seen that girl on the cover so many times! Love the cover for Wildthorn too.

    Here's what I got this week!

    Happy Holidays!

  23. I know, they're all so good! Haha, I've seen her on a lot of covers too; Evermore and North of Beautiful. She's everywhere! I'll check out your mailbox right now! :) Happy Holidays to you too!