Friday 11 September 2009

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Bad Boy Bonanza - Giving Away Tin Grin

Bad Boy BonanxaTina of Fantastic Book Review and Kim of The Book Butterfly have come up with a brilliant giveaway! With the help of lots of other bloggers, including myself, they have come up with the Bad Boy Bonanza - a humungous giveaway to celebrate the release of Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick.

For this awesome giveaway, I am giving away the following book:

tin grin by catherine robinsonTin Grin by Catherine Robinson - Mattie's glad for her mum when she meets a new, kind (albeit a bit scruffy) man. But then they drop the bombshell-her mum and Geoffrey are getting married! Not only might Mattie have to wear a flowery bridesmaid's dress from hell, but Geoffery's son Rupert is coming to live with them. It might be just about be bearable if Rupert was an adorable little five-year-old, but he's a pre-pubescent, spotty, computer geek. And she's sure he's got it in for her-so much so that he makes a complete fool of her in front of the most gorgeous boy in school: Sam Barker. Mattie devises a cunning plan to get revenge. but nothing could have prepared her for the disastrous consequences. Consequences that force her to confront the horrible truth.
And Sam is one serious bad boy. The wonderful ladies over at Chicklish have reviewed this book, so check the review out for more info!

If you like the sound of this book, just head on over to the Bad Boy Bonanza and find out how to enter! Check out all the other great books and other prizes that are being given away by some awesome bloggers! Contest is only open in the US and Cananda, though. Just so you're aware!


  1. This sounds great - thanks for the news!

    I hope you don't mind if I say that we've reviewed Tin Grin on Chicklish? Just in case anyone is interested, the review is here:

  2. Noo, I don't mind at all! I'll add the link to the post! :)

  3. Brilliant - thank you very much, Jo! :)