Wednesday 1 July 2009

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And it Starts: Article by Tanya Lee Stone on The Power of Sex in Young Adult Fiction

Sex in Teen Lit MonthIt is now July, and Sex in Teen Lit Month has officially begun. Hurrah! I can't tell you how much I have been looking forward to this! During this event, you can expect reviews, interviews, discussion posts, a contest, a few guest posts, and more! Thanks to everyone who has taken an interest so far. Your wait is finally over, and I hope this month is as enjoyable for you as you've thought it would be!

Before I start with my reviews and interviews, I thought I would give you something to read, as a bit of a taster as to what to possibly expect from the reviews and interviews to come.

Tanya Lee Stone, author of YA novel A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl, wrote an article several years ago on this very topic, Now and Forever: The Power of Sex in Young Adult Literature, and sent me the link in an email when we were talking about interviews.

Here's a little excerpt:
"...books are possibly the safest place for [teenagers] to learn about sex—not just the physical part but also the complex web of emotions that accompanies it. Through fictional characters, readers can ponder multiple perspectives and gain insight into this new world that they are beginning to encounter. They can consider how they might feel or act in a given situation and can empathize with a character."
Pretty interesting, huh? Have a ganders, and then if you feel to voice opinions, feel free to comment :) Let's get a discussion going!

Tomorrow I will post the review of Tanya Lee Stone's A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl, and an interview with her. Tanya will kindly be popping over tomorrow to answer any questions you may have, so if there are any questions regarding the article, make a note of them!


  1. Looking forward to popping in on this discussion. Sex in Teen Lit is a great idea.

  2. That article's great! I'm finding it hard to pick out any one thing to discuss because I agree with it all! I'm very much looking forward to reading your future posts about A Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl and Tanya Lee Stone.

  3. Very interesting! And the excerpt you put explains really well why I think it is important to portrait sexuality in teen lit - not in a casual way, but in a realistic way.

  4. I enjoyed looking at the article. The wait is finally over. This month will be great :)