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Adults tend to look back and think of their teen years as a time when things were much easier than they are now. Unfortunately, being a teenager isn't so easy for everyone. Not only are teenagers having to deal with raging hormones, the normal angst, and figuring out who they are, sometimes, some have other issues in their lives too.

I have held a number of themed months/weeks on my blog previously, looking at topics that have an impact on the lives of teens, to see how authors tackle what can be such huge subjects. I believe that opening a discussion about things teens experience - whatever the topic - is important for both those who are experiencing these topics - to show they're not alone - and for those who aren't, to help with understanding.

Below are the themes months and weeks that have been held to date.

Sex in Teen Lit Month

Body Image and Self-Perception Month

Death and Bereavement Week

LGBTQ YA month

Sex in Teen Lit Month II

Mental Illness in YA Month


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