Authoress Design
A huge thank you to the amazing Amelia Robinson of The Graphic Files for creating my beautiful headers, button and graphics for First Class Post, A Novel Cover Up, Sex in Teen Lit Month, Body Image & Self-Perception Month and Death & Bereavement Week. Be sure to check out her AMAZING portfolio on her site, and her book blog, The Authoress.

Once Upon a Bookcase current header

Once Upon a Bookcase old header

Once Upon a Bookcase button first class post

A Novel Cover Up

Sex in Teen Lit Month Body Image and Self-Perception Month

Death and Bereavement Week

I also needed a logo for the London Book Fair, and so with not much notice at all, Amelia whipped me up a high res logo. There is another one, but it won't upload to Photobucket, unfortunately, but it's exactly the same, just with a transparent background instead of white.

Once Upon a Bookcase Logo


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