Tuesday 27 September 2022

Update & All Hallow's Queers

Hi all, I just wanted to give you a bit of an update. Since I last posted, I have been diagnosed with depression. I also had a two week holiday, which meant I got a break from a difficult work situation. Things are somewhat better at work now, so, while I'm still not great, I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed and stressed now.

It's my hope to now start slowly coming back to creating content. I'm not yet at a stage where I can write my essay-length reviews on the blog, but I am starting to create content on Instagram - if you wish, you can find me there.

I've also created All Hallow's Queers, an LGBTQ+ horror and supernatural/paranormal fantasy readathon & photo / video challenge for spooky season. There are dedicated Twitter and Instagram accounts for it with templates and a giveaway. If it sounds like your thing, you can find out more on Twitter here or on Instagram here, depending on your platform of preference. There's also a reading challenge set up on The StoryGraph.

Most of my content on the blog's Instagram will be focussed on All Hallow's Queer for the time being. I hope to see you over there!


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