Thursday 28 June 2018


Mental Illness in YA Month is Nearly Here! Want to Get Involved?

Mental Illness in YA Month

Mental Illness in YA Month is coming! For the whole month of July, Once Upon a Bookcase will be dedicated to all things mental illness in YA.

There will be a ton of reviews, author interviews and guest posts, guest posts from bloggers, and giveaways. YA novels covering anxiety, depression, bipolar, PTSD, OCD, Schizophrenia, agoraphobia and eating disorders, among others, will be discussed.

I'm very aware that, although I have anxiety, I can't speak for the rep of books featuring other mental illnesses, so I'm inviting you to take part on your own blogs, too. Want to write about great - or bad - rep in YA? Want to rave about the rep in a particular book? Please do! Or maybe you want some suggestions of what to write? Perhaps the following will help:

  • A post about how harmful bad representation can be personally.
  • A post about The Book that got it right for you / the experience of reading good rep.
  • A number of YA novels featuring your mental illness/es that you would recommend.
  • The stereotypes you're sick of reading.
  • Advice you would give writers of your mental illness, as someone who knows what it's like.
  • The importance of #OwnVoices books in regards to mental illness.
Or perhaps you have a post discussing mental illness rep, or a review of a book that featured a mental illness you have that did a sterling job?

Whether you want to write a post specifically for the event, or have a post you'd like to highlight again, let me know by email or on Twitter, and I'll be sure to share your posts on Twitter and on my blog!

I'm really excited for Mental Illness in YA Month and all the discussions we're going to have! I do hope you visit throughout July and get involved!

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