Monday 5 March 2018

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London's The Like A Woman Pop-Up Bookshop

The Like A Woman Bookshop Banner

This week, to celebrate International Women's Day, Penguin Random House have opened a pop up bookshop in Shoreditch, in partnership with Waterstones, The Like A Woman Bookshop, in which they sell only books by women authors. Today is it's opening day, and so I decided to pop down to show my support.

Photo of The Like A Woman Bookshop from the outside
The Like A Woman Bookshop.

Photo of The Like A Woman Bookshop taken from just inside the door
The Like A Woman Bookshop taken from just inside the door.

Photo of The Like a Woman Bookshop taken from opposite the door
The Like A Woman Bookshop taken from opposite the door.

Situated at 1-3 Rivington Street in East London, The Like A Woman Bookshop is a small one room shop, but despite it's size, it features a wide range of books. Books are grouped together in various categories. Fiction and Coming of Age are on the left wall (which I sadly forgot to take photos of, sorry!), Poetry, Graphic Novels, Food, Young Readers and Your Body on the right wall, and Business, Science, Sport,Writers' Lives, plus the classic Penguin totes and mugs underneath the windows.

Photo of A Like a Woman Bookshop wall display
A Like a Woman Bookshop wall display, including Food, Young Readers, and Your Body.

There are two table displays, displaying Change Makers, Essential Feminist Reads and Women to Watch. There is such a fantastic range, and I wanted to buy so many books!  I had my eye on Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging by Afua Hirsch, Trans Britain: Our Journey From the Shadows by Christine Burns, Of Women: In the 21st Century by Shami Chakrabarti, Love by Jeanette Winterson, Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe, and The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf. If I was a wealthier woman, I would have walked out with bags full of books, but instead I left with Life Lessons From Remarkable Women by Stylist Magazine, and the others have been added to my wishlist.

Photo of Change Makers table display
Change Makers table display.

Photo of Essential Feminist Reads table display
Essential Feminist Reads table display.

Photo of Women to Watch table display
Women to Watch table display.

There is a reading space towards the back of the room with table and chairs, by a back wall covered with Like A Woman branded posters, and posters of inspiring women in books, some with quotes, including Malorie Blackman, Virgina Wolf, and Tove Jansson. Customers are encouraged to use the branded stickers blank stickers provided to share the names of the women who inspire them, and add them to the walls.

Photo of back wall of the Like A Woman Bookshop, showing inspirational posters
The back wall of The Like A Woman Bookshop.

As well as buying books for yourself, there is also the option to buy one of the children's books to donate to Solace Women's Aid, a London domestic violence charity that provides shelter for vulnerable women and children, so I donated Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman. The Like A Woman Bookshop is also holding four events throughout the week, and a portion from all ticket sales is also going to Solace Women's Aid.

Photo of children's books, with sign about donating a book to Solace for a child
Children's books can be bought and donated to Solace.

The Like A Woman Bookshop is a really great shop. I really get the feeling that they want to celebrate women who made a difference, who have brought about change, and make women feel empowered and inspired! And by supporting Solace Women's Aid, they're making a difference to women's and children's lives, too.

Photo of my purchase, Life Lessons FRom REmarkable Women, along with the Like A Woman paper bag, a Like A Woman leaflet, plus four Like a Woman bookmarks, and six Like A Woman postcards

I loved The Like A Woman Bookshop, and highly recommend going to visit if you get a chance, and support this brilliant initiative.

The Like A Woman Bookshop

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