Friday 4 December 2015

Bookish Spinsters: Equality in Sport

Bookish Spinsters

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This week's topic is Equality in Sport.

I have very little interest in sport. I don't play sports, and I very rarely watch it. But there are a lot of women and girls who are really interested in sport, and yet we very rarely see anything on TV for women's teams competiting. The only thing I can think of where we often see women taking part is in tennis, especially when Wimbledon comes around, yet the focus is still mostly on the male tennis players. And a lot of the talk about the female tennis players I hear is focused on the grunts they make or masculine people perceive their bodies to be. Because obviously we can't just concentrate on the match when women are involved. We also see more women when it comes to the Olympics, but in general, we hardly see any coverage of women in sports.

Is this down to the fact that athleticism and being sporty are seen as male traits? Or it's mostly guys who enjoy sport (which obviously isn't true if women are playing sport), and they won't be interested in watching women's matches, competitions etc.? Whatever the reason, it's screwed up. If we see more women in sport, so will young girls. And if young girls can see these role models, maybe they'll be more inclined to try out sports, especially if they can see that sport isn't "for boys".

As I said, I have very little interest in sport, so this isn't a topic I can really talk about in depth because it's not something I know about. So I will point you in the direction of some really awesome articles, posts and website to check out.
These are just a few I pulled out, but if you do a Google search for "women in sport" or "gender inequality in sport", so many links come up. What are your experiences of gender inequality in sport? I'd be interested to know.

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