Thursday 28 August 2014

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Review: Puddle Pug by Kim Norman and Keika Yamaguchi

Puddle Pug by Kim Norman and Keika YamaguchiPuddle Pug by Kim Norman and Keika Yamaguchi (review copy) - Percy the Pug loves puddles—big puddles, small puddles, swamp puddles, stomp puddles. But no puddle is perfect . . . until he finds one with three friendly piglets. But protective Mama Pig says NO PUGS and chases Percy away! Irresistibly illustrated by Keika Yamaguchi, Kim Norman's tale about a persistent pug and his pursuit of friendship in puddle paradise brims with warmth and charm. From Goodreads

Percy the pug loves jumping and rolling in puddles. Any kind of puddle, he loves them all. He has his own map of all the puddles he loves so he can find them again. But one day he find the most perfect muddy puddle - but this puddle is the home to a family of pigs, and Mama Pig doesn't want to share. How can Percy persuade Mama Pig to let him jump in their puddle too?

Puddle Pug Illustration 1
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Puddle Pug might just be one of the most adorable picture books I have ever read! The story is very sweet, but what makes this picture book for me are the gorgeous illustrations! Pugs are very recognisable dogs, with their cute, flat, squished faces, and Keika Yamaguchi gets Percy spot on. Percy's expressions are fantastic, without making him look too cartoonish and unrealistic. He is the cutest wee pug, whether he's grinning with excitement as he splashing about, bringing a smile to your own face, or breaking your heart with his sad puppy-dog eyes when Mama Pig won't let him play in her puddle. I could very much imagine having the illustration on the front cover in a frame on the wall. Percy is such a charming little pug!

Puddle Pug Illustration 1
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But the beautiful illustrations come from the wonderful text. The story itself is a very cute one, teaching children about sharing, that our differences shouldn't prevent friendship and acceptance, and that kindness and help can go a long way.

There is a great sense of movement in Yamaguchi's illustrations, as Percy scampers about in his various puddles, and you can just imagine him yipping excitedly with each spalsh. The illustrations of this darting little dog fit well with the fast pace the story, and you fly through the quick, short paragraphs as fast as Percy dashes about.

A wonderful little story that will delight both adults and children alike!

Thank you to Sterling Children's Books via The GMC Group for the review copy.

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Published: 7th August 2014
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books
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