Friday 24 January 2014

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Review: A Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton

A Lovely Love Story by Edward MonktonA Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton - "Together they stand on the hill, telling each other stories and feeling the warmth of the sun on their backs. And that, my friends, is how it is with love."

In this modern-day fable, Edward Monkton pens an irresistible love story about a fiercely funny but distant Dinosaur who falls in love with a forgetful but free-spirited (and shopping-savvy) Lovely Other Dinosaur.
- From Goodreads

This is such a beautiful book! It's one of those sweet gift books you would find in the humour section of a bookshop, and it caught my eye. It's basically the story of two dinosaurs who meet and fall in love. There are aspects they find attractive in each other, and other aspects not so much, but the good outweighs the bad, and love blossoms.

I picked it up because I recognised the style on the cover. Edward Monkton, illustrator and writer, also wrote Love Monkey, which my cousin had as a reading at her wedding, when she and her husband swapped their own carved hearts. That was such a cute story, and so picking up A Lovely Love Story was a must.

It's just as beautiful! It's one of those books that would be perfect to your other half on Valentine's Day; a little quirk, a little funny, but a lot touching and full of cute!

Edward Monkton has a series of these cute little books, and I just want to find one for every person in my life now. Or just buy them all for myself!

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Published: 15th January 2004
Publisher: HarperCollins Entertainment
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