Saturday 27 July 2013

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LGBTQ Round-Up - Articles and Posts

LGBTQ YA monthWhen I was doing my research for the Month, there were several posts and articles I came across that I thought you guys might be interested in.

LGBTQ Labels in the News:

Generation LGBTQIA
An NY Time article about the various identities/labels there are and whether the acronym should be made longer, and how university LGBT groups are primarily "LGB" and don't seem to be as inclusive for other identities.

Drawing the Line on LGBT Labels
A Temple News article that questions the importance/relevance of certain labels, and label-lessness. Suggests "queer" as a catch-all umbrella term. '...The idea is that we as a society are uncovering our sexual repression and realizing we don’t have to be so rigid in how we think of our sexuality and how it relates to the people with whom we’re intimate.'

'LGBTQ': Labels or diversity?
A Montreal Gazette article about the possibility that "waving the LGBTQ flag" /"wearing" a label says "different" when LGBTQ people are fighting for equal rights.

'Gender and Sexual Diversities,' or GSD, Should Replace 'LGBT,' Say London Therapists
A Huffington Post article, with video, about therapists who think there should be a new acronym, to include other identities, '...including asexual people and those in otherwise non-traditional relationships, such as swingers.'

Before I carry on, I am a little confused. Swingers? I could be wrong, but I thought that was a preference, a choice made, where as sexuality and gender identities aren't a choice. I don't really get why swingers would be included. Perhaps someone would like to explain it to me?

LGBTQ Book Discussions

The Grey of Gender: Intersex and Gender Variant/Non-Binary Characters in YA
Laura Lam, author of Pantomime, guest posts over at Gay YA to discuss non-binary gender identities in YA.

MIND MELD: LGBT Themes in Fantasy and SF – Recommendations
Authors of LGBT SFF recommend other LGBT SFF titles.

Non-Binary Gender In YA
Usagi and Ashleigh discuss YA titles with non-binary gender identities. (AWESOME post!)

YA Pride on More Than Just Magic
Christa held her own YA Pride Month in June! Check out the schedule linked for all the reviews and interviews.

Malinda Lo's 2012 YA Pride Month
YA author Malind Lo held her very own YA Pride Month on her blog last year. She will also be holding YA Pride in October this year. The link goes to the "YA Pride" category, so all posts for the both Months can be found there.

Reading in the Closet
FSG authors on the books that helped them come out (not a YA post). Thanks to Emma for sharing this link.

Come Out and Play? LGBT Inclusion in Children's Media
Children's and YA author Susie Day on the discussion at The Children's Media Conference. Thanks to Non Pratt for sharing the link

LGBTQ Book Lists

Pride Month: GLBTQ Books on YA Reading List
Jennie of YA Reading List lists her top ten GLTBQ books released in 2013 for Pride Month in June.

10 YA Novels with LGBTQ Characters for Pride Month
Molly of Wrapped Up in Books also listed ten recent favourite LGBTQ YA novels for Pride Month in June.

Booklist: YA Literature for Trans Youth
Jack Radlish's list of trans YA. Thanks to Charlie Morris for sharing this link.

LGBT Fiction for Children and Young  People
List of LGBT fiction from picture books to YA by Elizabeth Chapman. Thanks to Charlie Morris for sharing the link.

CILIP LGBT Books for Young People
The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals has a list of LGBT books from picture books up. Thanks to Emma for sharing.

Tea and Glitter

Tea and Glitter is a blog run by Eveleena Fults I stumbled across when doing some non-book related blog reading. Eveleena is an out and proud lesbian, and has some truly awesome, inspiring and beautiful posts on her blog sharing advice with those who ask for it. Here are a few of her blog posts that I thought might be really helpful for any young gay/questioning teens reading.


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