Saturday 30 June 2012

First Class Post (8)

first class post
First Class Post - because this post is first class!

first class post

For review:

The Awakening by Stuart Meczes - Goodreads / Amazon
This is a self-published novel. I don't normally review self-published novels, but this one caught my eye. Geek becomes superhero! It's like geeks' dreams comes true! It's a pretty big book though; it's 381 pages, bigger than your average sized novels, with tiny font. Could take me a while!

God Save the Queen by Kate Locke - Goodreads / Amazon
This book sounds AMAZING! The UK ruled by the paranormal! I love it! And just check out that cover! Just gorgeous. An unsolicited book, but one I'm looking forward to reading!

Tempest's Fury by Nicole Peeler - Goodreads / Amazon
Another unsolicited review copy. It's the fifth in a series I've never read. Thanks to a little chat with the lovely people at Atom, I now have the rest of the books as eBooks!

Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler (eBook) - Goodreads / Amazon
Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler (eBook) - Goodreads / Amazon
Tempest's Legacy by Nicole Peeler (eBook) - Goodreads / Amazon
Eye of the Tempest by Nicole Peeler (eBook) - Goodreads / Amazon

Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi - Goodreads / Amazon
This book sounds pretty awesome! I am really excited to read it!

Haiku for the Single Girl by Beth Griggenhagen (Illustrated by Cynthia Vehslage Meyers) - Goodreads / Amazon
I've read a comedy haiku book before and loved it, so really wanted to give this book a try. It was so good! You can read my review here.


Passion by Lauren Kate - Goodreads / Amazon
I bought a paperback copy because I'm quoted on the praise page! Whoop! You can see it here.

Thank you to AuthorRight, Orbit, Hot Key Books and Canongate Books for the review copies!


  1. I really want to read Haiku for the Single Girl thanks to you. I will need to check it out when it's released in August. I love books that celebrate being a single female, rather than act like it's a bad thing, and Haiku's are just beautiful

  2. Oh, it's such a good book! I loved it! I hope you enjoy it when you read it! :)

  3. I've been meaning to get to God Save the Queen, but I just haven't had time. If you read it before me and LOVE it, you're going to kill me with your review, I know it :P Ooh haven't heard of Angel Dust before, but it sounds awesome! And that is SO FREAKING COOL that you're quoted in Passion! Even Cam appreciates your brilliance :)

    Hope you enjoy your new books!

    1. I'm reading God Save the Queen at the moment, and it's really good so far! No clue where it's going, though!

      So looking forward to Angel Dust, it does sound amazing! And EEE, quoted in Passion! *does a dance* I am a happy bunny! Cam loves me! :P

      Cheers, Brodie!