Friday 24 February 2012

Once Upon a Bookcase Is Now My Sole Book Review Blog

From today, 24th February 2012, Once Upon a Bookcase is now my sole book blog.

I originally had two book blogs; Once Upon a Bookcase, my YA book blog, and Ink and Paper, where I reviewed fantasy, adult and YA. Whenever I reviewed a YA fantasy/sci-fi novel, I would always cross post it to Ink and Paper. I have decided to save myself time, I will review all books I read from this point forward on Once Upon a Bookcase.

All reviews, whether they be of adult fantasy novels or YA fantasy I reviewed on Ink and Paper before I set up Once Upon a Bookcase, have all been transferred to this blog. You may check out my Reviews List to see reviews from my other blog you may have missed.

So if you see reviews on this blog that are not YA - whether they are fantasy or otherwise - you now know why. Any book I read, whatever the genre or target audience, shall now be reviewed here.

For any authors or publicists reading, please check out my updated Review Policy.

For those who are taking part in the Morganville Vampires Reading Challenge, Ink and Paper will still be up and running for th duration of the challenge, I simply won't review on that blog anymore.

Thank you for reading.


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