Friday 6 January 2012


Night School Blog Tour: Photographer Josefine Jönsson on the Cover Photo

I have a post from the photographer and model of the photo used in the cover of Night School, Josefine Jönsson. Josefine's photos have also been used on the covers for Entangled by Cat Clarke and Forgotten by Cat Patrick. Josefine has written about the inspiration for the series of photos the cover image is from, and how it feels to see her photos on covers.

Josefine JönssonWhen it comes to self-portraiture I like to think of myself as another person and create a character to capture on film. For these images I really wanted some dark feeling to them, yet wanted them to be quite peaceful. The series is called my disease, as I was inspired by a song called My Disease by A Skylit Drive. The lines that I had in mind while creating these photos were:

It's exactly what it seems
The horror I live
The evil that beats inside me
It's called "my disease"

The first photo, which is used on the cover of C.J Daugherty's book, is quite peaceful when looking at it. I wanted to capture the feeling where the person in the photo is trying to hide themselves, to cover up what is her disease. What the disease really is would be up to the viewer to decide when looking at the photo.
_my disease.

The second one in this series suggests that she's letting the disease take over, but still not showing her eyes to the viewer to not reveal what it really is.

_my disease II.

Night School by C.J. Daugherty
I am always very positively surprised when it comes to seeing my photos on covers! It still feels a little weird seeing myself on the cover, but I sure enjoy it. It’s also fun to see what they will do with the photo, change colours, crop it or add things. Sometimes it feels like a whole new image than before, it really shows how little elements you can add/remove to create another feeling. It sure is a certain feeling when walking to a book store and seeing your image on a book and the feeling when reading a book with your face on it is really amazing! I can’t remember when I only used to dream to be on a book cover some day and now it’s my fifth one! Really looking forward to be reading Night School which would be in my post very soon!

Thanks, Josefine, for such a fantastic guest post! How brilliant are her photos? I am such a fan! Be sure to check out Josefine's website, blog and Facebook page.


  1. Wow. That is so neat. I've always wondered where book cover photographers get their inspiration from, as well as if they ever read the books their photos grace the covers of, plus their thoughts if the two mesh well together or not. LOVED getting a little bit of insight into this corner of the publishing spectrum.


  2. Since your comment, this post has been updated with a bit kmore from Josefine, talking about the very thing you're intersted in - whether they read the books and ho they feel.
    Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. I am so in awe of Josefine! She's beautiful and so clearly talented. Fascinating to read more about her photography.

  4. I know, she's just fantastic, isn't she? I love her photos!